Why You Should Clean Air Ducts After Remodeling in Spring Valley, NV; Remove Construction Dust & More

\When it comes building or remodeling a home, or even taking on a simple home improvement project, there are many factors involved in any construction project. It is likely you haven’t thought much about the cleanliness of your home’s air at this time with all of the project details on your list. However, it is something that needs to be addressed at the conclusion of the construction project. A great deal of dirt and debris is kicked up in the construction process and quit of bit of it gets trapped in the home’s air duct system. These particles will continue to accumulate until they eventually get kicked back out into your home’s air circulation for you to breathe once they get into your ductwork. Though this may seem non-threatening, it can cause health problems if your home’s air quality is bad enough. With this in mind, we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to stress the importance of getting the air ducts cleaned after any type of construction on your home.

Air Filters Cannot Trap All Construction Dust

It is important to routinely cleaning your ducts. If your home is newly built or has recently undergone some other form of construction, however, it is even more critical. There is only so much the air filters in your heating and cooling system can only handle before spitting the particles back out into the air, and construction is guaranteed to give it more than it can take.

Drywall & Construction Dust Travel Through Air Vents

The amount of dust and debris particles that get picked up increases, and it will cause them to spread more when you run your HVAC system during the construction process. One primary reason experts recommend against using your air conditioning or heating system until the construction is finished is due to this particle spread. Quite a few are not aware of the consequences of using the HVAC system during construction if you have a newly constructed home. Though it can be fixed, it is a common mistake that many people make. In order to help you get back to optimum indoor air quality, an air duct cleaning service from Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning is essential.

Importance of Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Your air quality is caused to decrease due to the many steps in the construction process. Almost every aspect of the construction process yields similar like installing drywall that gets plaster and drywall dust into the air, and cutting wood creates sawdust. Health issues down the road can develop when you inhale foreign particles. A significant risk to the health of anyone who breathes it in, for example, can come from wood dust. Asthma can worsen or be triggered when inhaling this debris makes its way into lung tissue. Worse yet, this debris has been linked to contributing to lung cancer.

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Also, you have to worry about everyday dust and debris setting aside the dangerous types of debris specific to construction. For the people with allergies, there is also pet dander and pollen. It can’t take anymore once too much debris builds up, though otherwise, the filters in any HVAC system tend to be pretty effective. If you don’t clean or replace the filters to allow freer air exchange, clogged filters also strain your equipment and can lead to premature failure. Call Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning to schedule your next air duct cleaning today!

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