Why Should You Clean Your Dryer Vent in Rhodes Ranch, NV? Efficiency, Safety & More

Neglected dryer vents are the leading cause of household fires. Every year, dryer fires are responsible for over $35 million in property losses. In addition to it being a fire hazard, a clogged dryer vent can present many other risks, problems, and inconveniences. Today, we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to discuss the importance of having the dryer vents cleaned on a routine basis.

Dryer Efficiency

Buildup in the dryer vent hinders its capabilities to efficiently perform. Removing moisture from your fabrics and vent that moisture to the outdoors is the basic mechanics of the dryer. The air can’t get outside if the dryer vent is blocked with lint buildup. When this happens, the load in the dryer takes longer to dry and multiple cycles before they are fully dry. The decrease in efficiency is subtle, as the buildup occurs over time, and some people may not even realize the slow deficiency. The rise in utility charges will also correlate.

Dryer Safety

Though the dryer traps, lint traps, or dryer filter (all one in the same thing) are designed to capture the lint produced in the drying process, it cannot get it all. Some experts estimate that up to 50% of the fluffy stuff can make it past that perforated barrier. When these particles accumulate in vents, they not only create problematic clogs, but they are highly flammable. Since the dryer produces heat, with enough of it, a spark, or other ignition the flammable material can burst into flames. Having the vents cleaned professionally periodically reduces the risk of fire.

Pest Proof Dryer Vent Cover

Where this cautionary advice may seem improbable, it is happening more than you may think. The flap won’t close properly, as lint and grime build up around your dryer’s vent flap. Unwelcome critters can easily make their way into your dryer vent when this happens. During cooler times of the year, the warm air is especially more inviting to the pests, where they make prime hotspot for nesting activities. Some homeowners and pest control professionals have reported finding all manner of pests, depending on the area, including skunks, owls, mice, and even snakes. For this additional reason, regular dryer vent cleanings are recommended.

How Often Should You Clean Your Dryer

Determining factors for the volume of lint accumulated in your dryer vent mostly centers around the average weekly household laundry. Other factors include how diligent you are about cleaning out the lint trap; this should be done after/before every load. Generally, if you are only drying 4-5 loads a week, having the dryer vents cleaned professional once a year should be sufficient. If you are doing 4-5 loads a day with a big family, consider the dryer cleaning every 6 months, and those with more should be every 3 months. Always check for clogs in between and maintain the vent trap.

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If you notice an increase in utility bills along with the dryer requiring more cycles to complete drying the clothes, the dryer feeling warm to the touch, or smell a musty odor, it is likely time for a professional dryer vent cleaning. Call Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning and let our professionals help keep you safe, maintain dryer performance, and reduce the likelihood of pests.

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