Why Should You Clean Your Air Ducts in Desert Shores, NV? Improve Indoor Air Quality!

Often a home’s air duct system gets forgotten or neglected as most homeowners don’t give air duct cleaning a second thought. However, there are a number of benefits that these homeowners are missing when they either forget or decide that air duct cleaning isn’t essential. Today, Air Pure Inc LV will share how your home, as well as you and other household members, will benefit from air duct cleaning.

Indoor Air Quality

Your home greatly depends on the HVAC system to maintain the indoor temperature year around. The HVAC system uses the air ducts to circulate the conditioned air throughout the home. Because the HVAC system is used pretty much all year long with only minor breaks, your home air quality is greatly determined by your air duct systems. There are ways to help improve indoor air quality such as maintaining clean air filters, and prevent outdoor contamination by ensuring windows and doors are properly insulated and sealed. However, most of the air that circulates into the home comes from outside. The result is outdoor contaminates such as dirt, pollen, and yard or pest debris comes into your home and circulates through the air duct systems.

List of Indoor Air Pollutants

Not only does outdoor contamination come from outside, it can even come from within. Humans shed skin and hair that breaks down into small particles every day. It is estimated that about 90% of dust inside your home is actually shed skin and hair particles. However, it doesn’t stop there with the dead hair and skin particles. From those particles come dust mites that feed on our skin and hair. As they feed they too will grow, shed their own skin flakes, and of course, leave behind feces. Even though dust mites are very small, over time they have their effects on our home. As your HVAC system is running, it is blowing conditioned air throughout the home using the air duct system. These small particles from humans, dust mites, and outdoor contaminates are now circulated into your home and is part of the air you breathe in every day. However, there is so much more pollutants found in our air duct systems. Air duct systems have also been known to harbor molds, mildews, and fungus, as well as pests such as cockroaches, spiders, and rodents. They too are leaving behind their fair share of contaminates. In short, due to the exposure air duct systems have, they are the main source of poor air quality. Poor air quality has different affects on household members. Some may not suffer at all, due to a strong immune system while others will suffer from chronic allergies, asthma attacks, or lead to respiratory problems.

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

To help ensure healthier environment for your home, the first place to start is with air duct cleaning. The major benefit of air duct cleaning is to improve you home’s indoor air quality. However, it also helps clear and remove any obstruction or blockages in your air duct system which also improves your HVAC system efficiency. Another benefit is less dust. For those who thoroughly clean their home and then not but minutes later they find there is already a fresh layer of dust, this is due to dirty air duct. As the HVAC runs, it blows air along with whatever is inside the air duct. This creates a never ending supply of dust. To help reduce the dust in your home, have your air ducts cleaned.

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