Why Should I Clean My Air Ducts After Construction in MacDonald Ranch, NV? Remove Trapped Dust & More

A giant dust bomb waiting to go off in your air duct system is doing any kind of construction. Covering your vents and registers are a few ways that you can prepare for the worst. To make sure your ducts are clean, and your indoor air quality is healthy, you want to make sure you call the professionals in for an air duct cleaning after you complete any kind of construction project in your home. Today, we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to explain why you should get the air duct cleaning done after the construction project.

Should You Clean Your Air Ducts After Renovation?

Air ducts should be cleaned every few years. It offers a better air quality and a better standard of living. However, as soon as possible, you’ll definitely need your ducts cleaned following a construction project, no matter how big or small it is. There’s bound to be an unavoidable mess of drywall and sawdust entering your air duct vents and getting them, all dirtied up as you knock down walls, remove carpet or upholstery, and stripping out the interior of a home, and other demolition often involved in such projects.

Advantages of Cleaning Your Vents

It is important for maintaining your health, removing the potentially toxic construction materials from your home. Along with your HVAC unit, your quality of life could suffer if your vents aren’t cleaned out and sanitized. To ensure that your indoor air quality is high, giving you healthy, breathable air, you need a clean air duct system. Make sure that all of the efforts your HVAC system makes to heat and cool your home is not in vain or stagnated by clogged, filthy ducts.

What Happens if Air Ducts are Not Cleaned After Construction?

– Within your vents, all of the dust and debris particles get trapped. As a result, a fine coat of dust will show up on your furniture, carpet, and refrigerator, every time your HVAC runs.
– Your system’s energy efficiency is lowered, and drives up your monthly bill, as the dirt and dust in your duct can move back into your HVAC, which covers the coils and HVAC equipment.
– You increase your chances for allergies, and negatively impacting your lungs and overall health, as you breathe in really bad air.
– Costly repairs or a full replacement down the line may occur as the filth blocks the efficiency of your HVAC system and negatively impact its longevity.
– Also, dust blocks the vents, which can cause moisture to condense or pool causing mold growth.

How Do I Protect My HVAC During Renovation?

With just a few simple practices from the list below, you can mitigate or avoid dirty air ducts during your home renovation efforts.
– HVAC system upgrade
– Do Avoid operating HVAC during construction renovations
– Temporarily close your vents
– Invest in vent covers
To prevent dust, dirt, and grime from entering your duct system, the EPA also offers you some tips and suggestions.

Air Filter Should Be Changed After Demolition & Remodeling

After your home renovations or construction project is over is mandatory, buy a few spare air filters and changing out the old ones. Changing the filters before construction would be counterintuitive. Remove them during or after a comprehensive duct cleaning to switch them out.

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