Why is there Mold in My Air Ducts & Vents in Summerlin South, NV; Causes, Air Duct Cleaning to Remove & More

The air duct system is the passage way that the cool and heated air travels through and enters into our home. Making sure the air ducts are clean is essential as it can affect the entire home’s indoor air quality. One common problem that occurs in an air duct system is mold. Mold can be an unknown killer especially when it enters the air ducts. When mold is in the air ducts, as the air is circulated it can release the dangerous spores into the indoor air. Air Pure Inc would like to share how mold develops inside the air ducts and how it is treated.

What Causes Mold in Air Ducts?

Mold in air ducts can occur for a few different reasons. One of the more common scenarios is due to water vapor building up inside the air ducts. In warmer climates such as Las Vegas, our spring and summer season can be very hot. As water vapor develops inside the air ducts, droplets form and tiny particles inside the air ducts become stuck inside. As a result mold will begin to develop inside the air ducts. Vapor can be due to a leak in the condensation drainage system, roof leaks, or high humidity.

Signs of Mold in Air Ducts & Vents

When mold develops in the air ducts some signs will emerge. One of the common signs is odor. Mold will have a musty damp like odor that can be detected throughout the home or in the room with the effected ductwork. Another common sign of mold in the air ducts is black dust around the air vents. That black dust is actually the mold spores coming out of the air ducts and getting caught on the vents. Along with these signs family members may develop symptoms such as chronic headaches, sore throat and nose as well as eye irritation. Other less common physical symptoms of mold exposure are nausea, fatigue, and dizziness. Medical illness is a serious problem and is a major sign mold may be present in the home.

How to Remove Mold from Air Conditioner Ducts

If mold has developed and it is within reach, it is common for homeowners to want to remove the mold themselves. If you decide to remove the mold yourself you can use one part bleach to sixteen parts water. Using a spray bottle, spray down all of the mold with the bleach. Leave the bleach on the mold for a few minutes to allow the bleach to kill the mold. Using a wet/dry shop vacuum clean the air duct as far as you can reach. You can also use an EPA approved mold remover to treat the mold. However, if the mold is further inside the air ducts and is not easily accessed, you will need to contact a professional air duct cleaner service. A professional service can reach deeper inside the air ducts and if necessary, dissemble the air ducts to clean them. A professional service also carries EPA approved cleaners and have the equipment to clean the air duct and remove the mold thoroughly deep. A professional services can also install air purifiers that can kill mold spores that may be inside the home. Air cleaning products can help treat the air inside the home and is recommended for homes with air ducts prone to mold development.

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