What is the Most Effective Air Purifier on the Market in Mountain’s Edge, NV? Air Ionizer, Filter or UV Light?

If you are looking for ways to improve your home indoor air quality, you may looking into air purifying methods. There are many different ways you can purify your home’s air and sometimes you can use more than one method at the same time. If you want cleaner air in your home, Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning will share a few air purifying methods or devices.

Do HEPA Air Filters Really Work

HEPA, which stands for a High Efficiency Particulate Air, is a filter much like the air filter you replace each month. A HEPA air filter is the highest rated air filter and will capture more particulates in your home’s air than any other air filter. A HEPA air filter captures 99.97% of particulates as small as 0.3 microns according to U.S. Department of Energy. If you want better air quality, make sure you get an air filter that is labeled “True HEPA” as a simple HEPA filter is often a marketing ploy. You can often use a HEPA air filter with other air purification devices or methods.

Do Air Ionizers Actually Work?

An air ionizer works differently from an air filter in the sense it doesn’t use a filtering system to capture particulates. An ionizer uses a positive electrical charge where particulates will cling to the ionize filter. There are different types of ionize air purifiers that you can use. One can be installed directly in the air ducts, purifying the air before it enters the inside of the home. Another Ionize air purifier is a device that is free standing and which you can keep in the room or move it around. Instead of buying or moving around a portable ionize purifier, one that you install in the air ducts can clean the air in the air ducts and will clean all of the air at once.

How UV Light Air Purifiers Work?

Another air purification device that you can also install in your home’s air duct system is a UV light air purifier. This air purifier emits powerful UV rays that kill microorganisms that may be in the air. The UV light can kill germs, bacteria, mold and even kill viruses. The UV light can clean the air before it enters the home, keeping the home free of microorganisms. However, UV light air purifiers are great for combating germs, bacteria, viruses and mold. But they will not capture particulates in the air. It is often recommended that you use a HEPA or other higher quality air filter along with an UV light air purifier.

What Do Electrostatic & Activated Carbon Air Filters Remove from Air?

If you want to invest in one air filter that you can reuse and cleans your home’s air, than an electrostatic air filter is a great option. This filter works similar to an ionize purifier that uses electrical charges to draw in and capture particulates in the air. If you need help removing bad odors in the home, another filter option is an activated carbon filter. The activated charcoal powder helps to absorb impurities in the air which is causing the odors. This system helps to dissipate the odors and leaves the home smelling fresh.

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