What is that Weird Smell in the House? How to Eliminate Odors in The Lakes, NV

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside your home can be two to 100 times more polluted than what is outdoors. Unfortunately, chemical air fresheners only add to the haze.  More often than not, while you are home, you become use to the smell, and odors may not be recognizable.  You may notice any smells after you leave home for a few hours and come home, only to get use to the odors and forget about them.   When visitors come over however, they tend to focus on peculiar odors and generally notice it during their stay.  Today, we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to share the common odors your visitors may notice in your home. 

Musty Smell in Bathroom

Especially if you have guests, no one wants a bathroom that smells musty.  Make sure the moist towels and linens do not linger in the bathroom.  Wipe down the surfaces as often as you can correct cleaning agents.   Make sure to use your exhaust fans whenever you use the shower/tub to help prevent the odor from developing. 

 Bad Smells in Carpet

Carpets act very much a large filter in your home.   It captures dust, dirt, allergens, food spills, odors, germs, bacteria, and nearly anything it comes in contact with.  Sprinkling baking soda overnight on the carpet weekly followed with a thorough vacuuming can help control the odors.  Ensure to vacuum carpets daily and periodically invest in a professional cleaning. 

Bad Smell from Garbage Disposal

There is a plethora of smelly things that are fed into the garbage disposal, and any lingering food caught in the blades can create some disturbing odor overnight.  Once a month, flush the garbage disposal drain with boiled water, half the pot.  Follow with cool water from the tap and operate the garbage disposal with ice cubes and citrus peels and a cup of vinegar.   After the contents is completely shredded and drain, pour remaining pot of hot water down the drain.  This will help combat odors and sharpen blades.

Bad Smelling Trash Bin

With the contents of garbage bins, there is no mystery as to why there is a stench.   Cat litter or baking soda sprinkled at the bottom of your trash bin can help absorb the foul odors.   Once a month however, you need to wash the bins out with hot soapy water and make sure they are fully dry before placing a new liner inside the bin.  

Sewer Smell in Toilet & Bathroom

Toilets, considering what they process, can easily build odors up.   Though the bowl needs its routine cleaning efforts, it is important to clean the tank as well.   Process it with vinegar.  Always wear gloves to clean your toilets and be sure it is done at least once a week.

Rotten Smell in Fridge

Sometimes refrigerators get overstuffed, causing leftovers, lunch meat, and produce to become lost and rotting.   Smells can be avoided with routine cleaning of the inside with soapy water, clearing out the old food, and using a small box of an opened baking soda container.   Be sure to replace the baking soda every so often.

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There are plenty of other sources that produce offensive odors.  Tobacco smoking, stagnant closets, uncleaned mattresses, even neglected air duct can have unattractive odors and swirling all these different odors can make your home an uncomfortable atmosphere.   In addition to your sanitizing and cleaning habits, consider odor neutralizing services.   Electrostatic filters and UV indoor cleaners can have effective results to help maintain a fresh, and odor-free home.   Call Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning and let us help you eliminate odors in your Las Vegas Valley home.

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