What Happens when Dryer Vent is Blocked in Desert Shores, NV? Too Long to Dry Clothes & More

When the clothes are not dried by the end of the dry cycle, most people reasonably automatically assume that the issue is with the dryer. The first response is often then to call the dryer repair professionals, which is an avoidable mistake. The first thing people should before assuming the dryer is the problem and wasting money on a repair visit, is check the dryer vent. Today, we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to share a few ways you can test the dryer to see if there is blockage in the vent and how you can reduce blockage.

Dryer Takes Too Long to Dry Clothes

One sure sign your dryer vent needs cleaning is if your dryer is producing heat but takes over 55 minutes to dry a load. If not cleaned regularly the lint accumulates in the dryer vent which can lead it to be completely blocked. The blockage can contribute to dryer fires, damage to the dryer’s thermostat (which is a challenge to diagnose since the dryer will still produce heat), damage to clothes, and an increased energy bill.

Should the Outside of My Dryer Feel Hot?

A test you can perform to see if the dryer vent has buildup is while the dryer is running is to put your hand on top of the dryer. You most likely have a restricted dryer vent if the dryer is hot to the touch. The top of the dryer may feel warm, but it should never feel hot. The dryer is designed to expel heat, if it is not ventilating out, it will only get hotter, especially if not venting efficiently.

Lint on Clothes in Dryer

On the interior of the dryer door, a restricted dryer vent can sometimes leave the lint accumulating. The suction that would normally direct the lint to the screen becomes weak or nonexistent when the vent line is heavily built up, depleting the suctioning. The result will leave some of the lint behind in the dryer, sticking to clothes and the door and other interior surfaces.

Clogged Dryer Vent Test

Disconnect the dryer vent transition from the wall and dry a load of clothes if you are still unsure if the vent is the problem. Put an old nylon stocking over the transition to control the dust. If the load is dry in 55 minutes or less, the issue is not the dryer, but the vent. Be sure to never vent a gas dryer vent into your house as you can create carbon monoxide, which is an odorless, tasteless, invisible toxic gas.

How to Prevent Blocked Dryer Vent

Due to the nature of the dryer vent, it can be near impossible to avoid blockage all-together. However, you can significantly reduce the risk of restricting buildup by ensuring you remove the lint from the vent trap after/before every load, clean the vent trap according the manual’s directions, and invest in professional dryer vent cleaning once a year or sooner if you recognize the signs the buildup is restricting the airflow.

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