What are the Different Types of Dryer Vents in Summerlin, NV? Cleaning Rigid, Flexible & Other Vents

Knowing which type of dryer vents you have is important since almost every home has a dryer vent in them. Over 30% of dryer-related fires accounts from dryer vents, and more specifically, from failure to clean them. You do not want to make your home another statistic, so ensure you are properly cleaning and maintaining the dryer vents. By removing dust and debris from the vent, a dryer vent cleaner near you could help improve the safety of your home for instance. To help offer more understanding, we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to look at the basic types of dryer vents along with other aspects of the dryer vent maintenance and cleaning. Through there are a few common types, one is prohibited in many jurisdictions, which we will touch on today.

Rigid, Semi-Rigid & Flexible Dryer Vent Types

In use, there are three basic types of dryer vents which include rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible dryer vents. Because they can have problems with lint build-up, one of the main causes of fire, many places don’t allow flexible dryer vents, so you are likely to have one of 2 vents.
Rigid Dryer Vent. A metal or aluminum pipe or duct that connects to your dryer is a rigid dryer vent. They offer very little resistance, and these ducts are smooth. To avoid obstacles, they are also often angled. There are still signs when dryer vent cleaning is needed while lint will not build up as fast. In most cases, rigid dryer vents are often the best type of dryer vent. Because of course, they have to be custom fit to each dryer, they are not the most popular.
Semi-Rigid Dryer Vent. This is most likely the type of dryer vent you have if your dryer vent looks like an aluminum accordion. The smooth inside does help reduce the lint build-up, while it may seem quite dangerous. You do have to be careful as lint will still build up over time, however, just like with any dryer vent.
Flexible Dryer Vent. Known as flexible dryer vents are polyester film or plastic dryer vents. They should be avoided since these have the highest chance of catching fire. Be certain that it is inspected if you have one and to help ensure the safety of your family, cleaned by a professional if necessary.

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You should always keep a lookout for signs that you may need cleaning after you know the type of dryer vent you have. Being one that can be dangerous, it is a part of the house that many of us don’t think about often. Cleaning can help prolong the life of your dryer in addition to keeping your dryer vent prevent fire. The most important one is to make sure it is cleaned though there are various dryer vent maintenance tips you can follow. Simply checking the dryer vent isn’t sufficient. You can depend on Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning to get the job done right, no matter what types of dryer vents you are working with. Call us to schedule your next appointment today.

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