What are the Different Types of Air Ducts in Eldorado, NV? Is Rigid Ductwork Better than Flexible?

There are many different types of air conditioners used in homes and other buildings. The air ducts are the heating and cooling system’s delivery system. If anything goes wrong with the air duct system, it will result in heating or cooling problems and even affect your indoor air quality. As there are different types of air ducts used, each will require its own maintenance, repairs, and cleaning needs. Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to share some of the common types of air duct systems, and their common problems and care needs.

Is Flexible Ductwork Good?

One of the more common types of air ducts system used in homes and commercial building is flexible ductwork. As the name suggests, this ductwork is flexible which makes it easier to design and work the air ducts into the most awkward of positions. The flexible air ducts are made of plastic that is wrapped around a steel helix shaped wire. Flexible air ducts are connected with joining sections and sealed closed. Even though this air duct system is easily used and can last for a long time, they can develop problems as well. Flexible air ducts have ridges that make is easy for dust to get trapped in. They can also split at the seams and be chewed through by rodents. Flexible air ducts will need to be repaired and resealed. Those with flexible air ducts should also have their air ducts cleaned more often which is at least every three years.

Do Rigid Air Ducts Last?

There are rigid air duct systems that are made of solid rectangular or cylindrical pieces. A rigid air duct system uses different types of materials such as sheet metal, fiberglass, or fiberboard lined air ducts. Rigid air ducts are often smooth and do not collect dust as quickly as the flexible ductwork will. However, like the flexible ductwork system, rigid air ducts are sealed together. They too can become detached from one another and need to be resealed back together. Even though rigid air ducts do not collect dust as quickly, they do need to be cleaned about every five years. The fiberboard and fiberglass material is also prone to developing mold and needs to be inspected for mold or mildew often. If you are having drainage problem or had recent leaks coming from your air conditioner system, make sure to check for mold. Another reason why it is important to have fiberglass or fiberboard air duct systems cleaned on schedule is that the degraded small fiberglass particles can be released and breathed in. To ensure a healthy home or commercial building, have the air duct cleaned and fiber particles removed.

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Air ducts do require cleaning and repairs. Air ducts can come apart which will result in an air duct leak. Air duct leaks can cause your heating and cooling system to overwork and wear down faster. Additionally, an air duct will reduce the amount of heated or cooled air that stabilizes the home’s temperature. Air duct systems should be kept cleaned to ensure cleaner and healthier indoor air. For air duct cleaning, sealing and more, contact Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning today.

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