UV Germicidal Lamp Fixture for Your HVAC to Help Prevent Spread of Airborne Diseases in Centennial, NV

We are finding new ways of doing things as technology marches forward giving us options we never dreamed of. Some of these innovations affect our lives in many ways, one is airborne pathogens. Following are some facts on the many diseases that live in the air:
• Cold and flu viruses are airborne.
o Influenza – seasonal flu viruses spread easily from person to person. Our exposure is at home, work, school, mall and any other place people frequent! The rhinovirus are those viruses responsible for our colds. Highly evolutionarily agile, these change rapidly to defeat our immune systems and make it difficult to develop vaccines.
o Chickenpox, varicella zoster, is airborne and easily spread among those whose immune systems are not fully developed, like young children. It is spread nearly 48 hours before the rash and other symptoms develop. Air and touch are the vectors.
o Mumps affect the glands below the ears and neck, vaccination has tamed this disease but infections still occur.
o Measles – touch and airborne, broadcast by sneezing or coughing. Another disease included in our childhood vaccine regimen.
o Whooping cough is a bacterial bug, causes swelling of the air ways.
• The symptoms of these bugs can be mild or severe.
• Prevention depends on good ventilation to swap indoor and outdoor air.
• Ventilation using open windows (seasonal) or fans to help exchange dirty air.
• Air treatment to lessen the number of airborne pathogens.

Control of Airborne Diseases

Airborne diseases are caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses that are airborne. When we breathe in these beasties, they infect us through the lungs. Our mucus membranes trap many but some will get through. If it is something we’ve had before, our immune system immediately will tackle the bugs and we only have a few days of discomfort. But if it something new, well many may wish for their demise at the hand of these microscopic beings that can literally bring us to our knees.

Airborne Diseases Prevention; UV Light

Prevention at home can go a long way in avoiding the unpleasantness of dealing with infection. One such tool in our arsenal is ultraviolet light. UV is beyond visible light and is a high energy radiation. Direct prolonged exposure can damage the eye and retina and cause sunburn and subsequently skin cancers. But on the other hand, it is malevolent to bacteria, virus and fungi. What it does is that it deactivates DNA of these pathogens and destroys their ability to multiply. If it is placed in an enclosure in the HVAC air stream it can quietly operate to help clean the air. It can knock out 50% of these pathogens in a single pass. Usually installed in the air handler of your AC/Heat Pump it can kill the ability of these disease-causing life forms to multiply and cease to be a factor in your health. They can make ozone for disinfecting pools and spas.

UV-C Light Bulbs in Germicidal Lamps

UV-C bulbs pump out UV light in 200-280 nanometer wavelength. Hidden in you air handler they cause no problems for your health due to exposure. Older systems operated like fluorescent bulbs but without the phosphor coating. The good new is that these come in long life low wattage LED bulbs and are an effective addition to your AC system. They are used to decontaminate drinking water, in food processing, medical and industrial systems. In ponds they keep algae to a minimum without adding chemicals to the water. To kill pathogens the secret is dosage being a product of time and intensity. Usually higher than 16,000 watt-seconds per square centimeter.

UV Germicidal Lamp Fixture & Air Cleaning Product Installation & More in Aliante, Anthem, Desert Shores, Eldorado, Enterprise, Green Valley Ranch, Henderson, Inspirada, Mountain’s Edge, North LV, Paradise, Providence, Rhodes Ranch, Seven Hills, Silverado Ranch, Spring Valley, Summerlin, Sunrise Manor, The Lakes, Tuscany Village & Las Vegas Nevada

These can be retrofitted to your AC system in about 45 minutes, and are very effective in assuring your health and wellbeing. This is an example of where technology works for our benefit. You may want to consider a UV-C installation. Call Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning for a consultation today.

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