Uncontrollable Dust in Your North Las Vegas, NV House? Air Duct Cleaning to Remove Excessive Dust

Here at Air Pure Inc. we strive to look for the positive in every situation. There are a few things that really stop us in our tracks on our attempts though. Every once in a while we come across something that we have a hard time feeling positive about. One of them is dust. There just does not seem to be an upside to dust. Did you know that the average home in the United States collects 40 pounds of dust each year? Disgusting right? Inside your home 90% of the dust comes from tiny flakes of skin and barely visible fabric fibers that float around in the air and land on every surface in your house. How are we supposed to feel positive about that? Today Air Pure Inc. is going to help you know what you can do to help eliminate as much dust from your house as possible.

Dust Shelves & Other Surfaces Regularly

We are going to start with a tip that sounds rather obvious but you should make sure that you adequately dust on a regular basis. Sometimes it is easy to cut corners on cleaning your house when it comes to dusting. Having to move everything off of the area, dust, and then put it all back can seem overwhelming. Many times when clean our house we are pressed for time and dusting just does not seem to fit into the list of must complete chores. Make sure that you do not skip this chore!

Clean Ceiling Fans

If you have ceiling fans in your home it is important for you to clean them. Sometimes it is hard to notice that are fans need to be dusted because they are always moving. Take some time to turn your fan off and evaluate if a cleaning is in order.

Vacuum to Remove Dust

Vacuuming is another great chore that can help you eliminate the dust in your home. We recommend that you vacuum your carpet and rugs at least once a week. High-traffic areas we recommend cleaning twice a week. You will want to take the time to make numerous slow passes over the same area in directions to get maximum results from your vacuuming.

Keep Dust Out of Your Walk In Closet

Your closet is a place where dust is very likely to collect. There are many surfaces in your closets that dust likes to collect on. You will want to take the clothes that are simply collecting dust because you do not wear them out of your closet. Another way to keep the dust down in your closet is to store as much as possible in plastic containers. The last thing to do in your closet is keep your floor clean as much as possible.

Wash Bed Sheets Weekly

Another place that dust likes to collect is your bed. Your bedding collects the dry skin that naturally falls off as you sleep. It also sheds its own fibers. Air Pure Inc. recommends washing your bedding every week. This chore is something that most people do not look forward to but we promise it is worth the effort!

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Air Pure Inc. can also help keep the dust down in your home by coming out and cleaning your air ducts. There is always tons of dust hiding in your air ducts. Having one of our technicians come out and clean them will definitely benefit your family. Contact us today!

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