Tips to Extend the Life of Your Dryer in Centennial, NV; Clean Dryer Vent Cap, Lint Trap, Drum & More

There are several appliances in your home that make your life more comfortable and easier. One of those work horse appliances may be the dryer sitting beside your washing machine. Without a dryer, you have to rely on hours of fresh air to dry your clothing. This expensive appliance is certainly one that many of us need and use on a daily basis. To avoid having to replace your dryer prematurely, it is important that you take care of it. Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning is here to share some tips that will help you extend the life of your dryer.

Keep Dryer Vent Cap Cleaned

The vent cap to your dryer vent is located on the outside of your home. Because it is out in the elements, it isn’t uncommon for mud, dirt and other lawn debris to get caught up in and around it. You should go out and check this vent cap on a seasonal basis to ensure it is free and clear, so the humid air has a way to escape it.

Avoid Overloading Dryer

It may be tempting to try and cram as much laundry as possible into your dryer to save yourself some time, but when you do this, you are making your dryer work harder and wearing it out in the process. When your dryer is taking on larger loads, it takes longer to dry the clothes and way more energy to get the job done as well. Avoid overloading and stick to one normal sized load at a time in the dryer.

Clean Dryer Lint Trap After Every Load of Laundry

The lint trap found in the front of your dryer, is there to catch lint and allow your dryer to vent as it should. Without this lint trap being emptied, your dryer has to work harder to dry the clothes. You want all of your clothes to get completely dry so that they don’t smell musty the next time you go to wear them.

Replace Exhaust Vents from Plastic or Vinyl to Metal

Many dryer exhaust vents are plastic or vinyl. You need to replace them with metal because it is going to be far less flammable. If you are looking to play it safe, just make the switch so you can sleep well at night.

Clean Dryer Drum

It may seem like you don’t need to worry about cleaning the drum of your dryer, but the dryer sheets you put in with your laundry actually leave a film after a while that needs to be wiped off. You can do this with rubbing alcohol and a wet rag.

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Every couple of years, you need to be cleaning out the dryer vent that transports humid air to the great outdoors. Over time, this fills up with extremely flammable lint that can be a fire hazard. It will also make your dryer far less efficient which could lead to premature replacement. You can count on the experts at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning to keep your dryer vents free and clear. Call us today!

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