Signs You Have Leaky Air Ducts & Need Duct Sealing in Seven Hills, NV; Poor Indoor Air Quality & More

Having air duct issues in conjunction with forced-air systems is a problem and no matter how severe, it is costing you money. When the air ducts are leaking air or being restricted, the source of it can be hard to find, but a sure affect is the high energy costs. We at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to share the signs your air ducts are in need of cleaning and elaborate on the issues of buildup in the air ducts.

Why is Sealing Ductwork Important?

In order to maintain maximum efficiency, the duct network must be a closed system and efficiently operating with a cleared system. The ducts must be fully sealed and free from obstructions from the connection at the equipment to the registers that pass the heating or cooling air into a room. Any restrictions or leaks will cause the pressure to dwindle and areas of the home could not receive adequate warm or cool air as it is essential for the treated air to move through the ducts and travel to various areas of your home.

Signs of Leaky Air Ducts

Below, we have listed a few reasons as to how you can tell when your air ducts are in need of professional cleaning.
1) Indoor Discomfort. An indication that your treated air is being lost before it reaches the rooms can be a sign of a leak or severe buildup in the ducts, preventing the air from getting to specified rooms. Additionally, the design of the ducts can be poorly developed, in any case, a professional cleaning is a most optimal and will likely improve the situation.
2) Poor Air Quality. There are many things that impact the quality of your indoor, and filthy air ducts that never get cleaned is one of the major culprits. The allergens and contaminates that filter through the ducts get deposited, over time, this builds up. The layers can loose enough of these particles that reintroduce them ack into your filtered air, leading to frequent asthma attacks, triggering allergies more often and other respiratory issues.
3) Higher Energy Bills. When the energy usage increases, a major culprit is the dirty air ducts. The filthy ducts not only prohibit the warm or cool air from getting distributed, but they also clog filters sooner. When the heat or cool air have to compensate for the rooms not being at the correct temperature, your energy costs rise.
4) Excessive Dust in the Home. If you live in a place that is natural dusty, it is not uncommon to see a fresh sprinkling of dust on a freshly polished surface all too soon, but even so, when you notice the home does not stay clean as long and the dust continues to layer up all too soon, a simple remedy will be the air duct cleaning.

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If you notice these signs and desire an air duct cleaning, call the experts of Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning today and let our experienced staff help you get those air ducts cleaned.

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