Signs of Leaky Air Ducts in The Lakes, NV; Uneven Temperatures Between Rooms, Weak Air Flow & More

The air ducts supply the entire home with the needed warm or cool air produced by the HVAC system. When there is a leak in the air ducts, much of the warm or cool air will flow out through the leak and not into the home. Air duct leaks can greatly affect not just the comfort inside the home but also the health of the HVAC system. Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to share some of the common signs or symptoms of an air duct leaks, some of which you can seek air duct sealing repair before major problems occur with the entire HVAC system.

Higher Utility Bills

If your utility bills such as power and gas or other fuel has increased dramatically recently there is a problem. As the HVAC system consumes the most amount of fuel or power in a home, often the increased bill points to the HVAC system. There can be a number of sources for the bill inflation. However, in many cases it is because of an air duct leak. When an air duct is present and your warmed or cooled air is following out of the leak, your HVAC system will run more often and longer since the air isn’t reaching the inside of the home. If your bill has gone up have the air ducts checked immediately.

Uneven Temperatures Between Rooms

In the wintertime you may notice some colder spots or areas in the home. During the summer if you have discovered any hot spot this to isn’t a good sign either. Hot or cold spots or uneven temperatures in the home indicates an air duct leak. If the section or zone that the air ducts supply air to has a leak, the temperature in those areas will never even out. To bring comfort to all areas of the home the air ducts will need to be checked for the leaks and the leaks repaired.

Weak Air Flow from Vents

Along with uneven temperatures, you may also notice that the air flowing through the air vent is weak. Low air flow is another classic sign of an air duct leak, especially if the weak air flow is only coming from a single air vent or a section of the home. If all of the vents have weak air flow it may be due to a worn out fan motor. An air duct leak will be localized while a fan motor will affect the entire home. If the air flow is localized then the air duct has a leak and needs to be fixed.

Causes of Leaky Air Ducts

Air ducts can develop a leak for a number of different reasons. Most are due to the adhesives that hold the section together have weakened. At this point, the air ducts have pulled apart and is now allowing all of the air to leak out and not into the home. At times the air duct leak may be due to rust that has eaten holes or there is a crack through the air duct. Rust is a problem with steel ductwork. For flexible ductwork, they can be punctured or chewed through by rodents. When an air duct has a leak they can be repaired or the damage ductwork can be replaced.

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