Signs of Leaky Air Ducts in Spanish Trail, NV; HVAC System Runs Longer, Air Imbalance, Increased Energy Bills & More

Your home air duct system plays a major role. Air duct systems provide the cool or warm air throughout the home. Air ducts can also be the cause of indoor allergies and even respiratory infections and other similar illnesses. Air ducts can be the gateway for pests and even lead to outrageous power bills. Putting the focus on increased power bills, air ducts that have developed leaks can allow the cooled or warm air to leak out of the air ducts which causes the HVAC system to work longer and more frequently. Not to mention, your home will never feel very comfortable. Air leaks are a common problem that require air ducts to be resealed. Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning will share some of the classic signs that your air ducts have a leak and who to call to reseal them.

HVAC System Runs Longer with Leaky Air Ducts

When the HVAC system during the summer or winter seems to run longer than it use to, this is because the air is not circulating throughout the home properly. More often than not, it is because of a leak in the air duct system. When the air leaks out it will flow into the attic space and does not cool or warm the inside of the home. When you notice your HVAC system seems to be struggling to meet the temperature setting inside the home, it is time to have the air ducts inspected and if needed, resealed.

Air Imbalance from Leaking Air Ducts

When there are hot or cold spots in one or multiple areas in the home, this can be another sign of a major air duct leak. When there is a major split in the air duct, a lot more air will flow out and none of the air will reach the room or area the air duct was designed to direct the air into. As a result, these areas that are not getting the air due to the leak will feel warmer in the summer and colder in the winter. When you have these cold or hot spots in your home and all of the vents are open and nothing is blocking the vents, then there is a leak in the air ducts.

Leaky Air Ducts Increase Utility Bills

Another strong indicator that there is a leak in the air duct is when the utility bill (mainly electric power and gas) is higher than normal. Utility bills such as gas for gas fueled heating systems or the electric power that runs the air conditioning system will increase. This is because the HVAC system is running longer to cool or heat up the inside of the home. If you are seeing an increase in your utility bills and the HVAC system is functioning properly, then have the air ducts checked as there is most likely a leak.

Frequent Dusting Due to Leaking Air Ducts

When you have just spent hours cleaning and dusting your home only to find a fresh layer of dust minutes after cleaning, you most likely have a leak in the air duct system. When there is a leak in the air ducts it can suck in the duct inside the attic. The air ducts can build up a lot of dust inside. The result of dust inside the air ducts is frequent dust throughout the home. Each time the HVAC blows air through the home, the dust will blow out along with the air. Your home will forever be dusty. When you have a lot of dust inside the home, have the air ducts cleaned and checked for leaks.

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