Signs of Leaky Air Ducts in Eldorado, NV; Unacceptable Temperature Difference Between Rooms & More

An air duct leak is easily responsible for about 25% of air loss if not more. Poor efficiency due to an air duct leak is a major concern among homeowners. Air duct leaks often go unnoticed and most homeowners are unaware of the costly addition to their power bill. To help homeowners detect air leaks, Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning will share signs of an air duct leak and what needs to be done to repair the leak.

Unacceptable Temperature Difference Between Rooms

One sign that there is a leak in the air duct is when the temperature throughout the home are out of balance. When one area or room is hotter during the summer and colder during the winter, and the HVAC system just doesn’t seem to affect certain areas, there is often a leak. Leaks are common as over time the joints held by tape or an adhesive breaks down and the joints may separate causing the leak. When there is a leak leading into a specific area, often most of the air is lost which is why some rooms or areas may not cool down or heat up depending on the season.

Dust Coming Out of Vents After HVAC Runs

After the HVAC system is running and there seems to be a fresh layer of dust coating the room often this is a telltale sign there is an air leak. When there is a leak and as the HVAC system runs there are times when the dust is sucked inside the air duct system. As the HVAC is running the dust will be circulated in the affect areas and even throughout the entire house depending on the location of the leak. Not only do the air leaks cause a dusty home it is also affecting the indoor air quality. For those with allergies or respiratory problems, a dusty home creates a miserable environment.

Why is My Electric Bill So High All of a Sudden?

Small leaks can go unnoticed as their telltale signs may not be as easily detected as the larger air leaks. However, one way to monitor your air ducts is by watching your utility bill. When there is a leak in the air duct system, some of the conditioned air will escape out through the leak. Since some of the air is escaping through the leak, it forces the HVAC system to work longer to reach the temperature settings resulting in a higher utility bill.

How to Repair Leaking Air Ducts

When you believe there is a leak in the air duct system, you will first need to determine the location of the air leak. Locate the area of the leak by inspecting the air ducts. In most cases leaks occur at the joint or seams where two piece of the air duct connect. Some of the air duct systems use a flexible material that can puncture or rip. If you don’t see a separated joint don’t rule out the possibility of punctures, rips or holes in the air duct. Locating the leak can be difficult as not many homeowner want to crawl around the attic space to locate the leak. Contact a professional air duct repair service to help locate and repair the leak.

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