Reasons for Air Duct Cleaning in the Winter Time in The Lakes, NV; Lower Energy Costs & More

Weather changes cause increases in cold and the flu season. You may not think that the health of your home has a lot to do with cold and flu season, but you’d be mistaken. Germs make their way through your home via the air and your HVAC system acts like the lungs of your home. This system allows the building to breathe as it circulates fresh air and stops germs from spreading. To ensure the lungs of your home are ready to do their job, it a great idea to have your air ducts professionally cleaned. This will keep your home healthy all winter long.

Reasons to Have Air Ducts Cleaned

1. Air duct cleaning will lower your energy costs. Dust and debris in your heating system can be removed and boost heating efficiency. The dust and debris that collects in the heating system puts a strain in it and makes it work harder than it has to. This hampers its ability to correctly circulate air through the home. When your heating system can’t work efficiently, your utility bills will increase. The amount of money spent on having your air ducts cleaned will be quickly replaced by the amount saved on increased energy costs.
2. Air duct cleaning will reduce house cleaning. No one likes house cleaning. If you find an increase in dust buildup, chances are your air ducts might be quite dirty. It can be easy for homeowners to forget how long it’s been since the air ducts were cleaned. Most homes should have the air ducts cleaned every 2-3 years. When air ducts become dirty, the lint buildup gets blown into the building with air circulation, creating layers of dust. Reduce the amount of time you spend dusting your home by having the air ducts cleaned.
3. Air duct cleaning will prevent hazards. It can be a health hazard to have dirty air ducts. Clean air ducts will have you and your family breathing easier and less congested too. Dirty air ducts can be a breeding ground for mold growth, pest infestations and excessive amounts of debris that can lead to allergies, nausea and headaches. Dirty air ducts are also a fire hazard because lint is highly flammable. Lint that continues to accumulate is a disaster waiting to happen. Air duct cleaning is often overlooked because we can’t see how dirty the air ducts actually are.
4. Air duct cleaning will improve indoor air quality. Dirty air ducts make it very hard for your HVAC system to pull all the dust from the air you breathe. Therefore, your home will become stuffy. When breathable air is decreased, you and your family are at higher risk of getting sick and no one wants that!

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Most homeowners associate air duct cleaning with spring cleaning, and that’s good but going through the winter with dirty and clogged air ducts can lead to unhealthy and possibly dangerous repercussions. Ensure your home is safe this winter and have a video inspection of your home’s ductwork performed. Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning provides professional air duct cleaning services. Give us a call for a consultation today!

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