Microbiocide Treatment

AIR PURE INC LV has been providing cleaning services for air ducts, air conditioners, and dryer vents, for over 11 years. We also provide air duct sealing services and a range of products to help keep your indoor air clean and free from dust, debris, pollutants, and bacteria.

Does Your Air Conditioner Have an Overflow Switch?

Overflow switches—also called float switches and ceiling savers—measure when too much water from condensation has accumulated in air conditioner drip trays or overflow pans, and shuts off the unit. If there is no switch, water can eventually leak into a ceiling or down the side of the building. We carry switches that fit any air conditioner brand.

Odor Neutralizer Services

Odor neutralizers, or odor eliminators, work by deactivating odors. Products that cover odors are also called air fresheners and work well with temporary odors like bathroom odor or kitty litter boxes that can be quickly removed and aired out. Odor neutralizers go deeper to expel odors that don’t go away so easily. Part of AIR PURE INC LV air cleaning services, for homes and businesses, includes neutralizing unpleasant odors. This can bring real relief to building occupants trying to cope with poor air quality, stale air, and odors. Odor neutralizers use chemicals or compounds that attack the odor-causing compounds. Stubborn, well-established smells like smoke or pet urine can take time to neutralize, so many neutralizers include a light scent to address any lingering smell.

Arm Your Air Conditioner with Electrostatic Filters!

You could enjoy a number of benefits by using an electrostatic filter with your air conditioner. Electrostatic filters are reusable (which makes them green!) air conditioner filters designed to generate positive and negative static charges within the layers inside them when air passes through. Layers with positive charges attract airborne particles like dust, fungi, and mold, which are then trapped in negatively charged filter layers.

Using Ultraviolet (UV) Indoor Air Cleaners

Did you know that ultraviolet (UV) light technology can clean indoor air? Air Pure Inc LV offers a range of UVGI—ultraviolet germicidal irradiation—products that can kill or disarm microorganisms including viruses and molds, in the air around your home and offices. In fact, hospitals and other medical facilities, including laboratories, use UVGI to keep air and surfaces as clean as possible for patients, operating rooms, and drug development and manufacturing facilities. UVGI can also sterilize water and is used in water treatment plants.

Air cleaning products are particularly useful in maintaining clean indoor air quality. We install electrostatic filters, odor neutralizers, UV lights, and overflow prevention switches.

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