Is Lint from a Dryer Dangerous in Canyon Gate, NV? How Does Dryer Vent Cleaning Help?

Dryer vents are the cause of tens of thousands of house fires. Dryers depend on an unrestricted metal vent that is 4 inches in diameter, in order to exhaust the hot, moist air to the outdoors. Where most do not give it another thought, few people barely acknowledge the vent. Quite a few people are puzzled as to why the dryer suddenly takes multiple cycles to dry one average load. More often than not, severe lint buildup is the culprit in such scenarios and we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to discuss the hazards of lint buildup.

Can Lint Build Up in a Dryer Cause a Fire?

By simply taking quick action to find out the reason behind long dry times, you can significantly reduce the risk of dryer fires. When the dryer is experiencing a blocked or restricted vent, lint can’t get exhausted outdoors, it will accumulate inside the dryer or the vent instead. Lint continues to build up inside the dryer and makes its way to the heat source as restriction or blockage is created over time. The lint ignites and the air from the vent feeds the flames after the lint comes into contact with a glowing red heating element or the open flame of a gas burner. The contractors frequently route vents inside walls and in ceilings of rooms before the dryer’s exhaust from the home. As a result, the home can catch on fire in multiple areas as lint fires can potentially burn through a non-metal vent all too rapidly. The dryer itself suffers irreparable internal damage caused by the fire as well.

How Does Cleaning a Dryer Vent Help Prevent a Fire?

Preventing dryer fires is critical since dryer lint is hazardous as an extremely flammable material. In fact, campers recommend using a ball of it to start a campfire because lint is so easy to ignite. Incorporate a replacement vent of rigid (rigid is the number one choice by professionals) or flexible metal vent in addition to your efforts of cleaning the vent trap after every load and getting the vent professional cleaned every year or so. The metal vent provides some assurance that if a lint fire starts the chance of containment in the vent instead of fire spreading through the interior walls is maximized. If the vent is plastic or foil, since these materials quickly burn and increase the risk of a house fire, always invest in replacing your vent. Keep in mind that length of the vent determines its efficiency and can cause restricted air id not efficiently installed.

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According to International Residential Code (IRC), Section M1502, metal dryer vent length should be no longer than 25 linear feet according. In the event there’s a bend or 90-degree turn, deduct five feet from the 25-foot maximum for the new maximum length for each turn or bend. The efficiency of venting decreases as the length of the vent increases. The limitations of your dryer’s blower motor play a role to help determine the dryer’s efficiency. Use the shortest length of a metal vent and keep it as straight as possible to boost the air flowing through. It is still important to recognize the lint is dangerous and should be cleaned out of the vent trap and professional cleaning in the dryer vent line, even with these steps. For a thorough vent cleaning, contact Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning today.

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