Indoor Air Quality Facts in Tuscany Village, NV; Can You Smell Indoor Air Pollution, Types of Air Pollutants & More

Most of your life is spent at home or at work, and with the state of pandemic, many are working from home too. Since breathing is involuntary and natural, most do not give it much thought. However, for better or for worse, air can affect your daily health can even have long-term effects on your body. Today, we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to share a few unknown facts that experts have continue to discover as they strive to improve the indoor air quality.

Examples of Indoor Air Pollutants

There is a reason for the term “getting fresh air.” Indoor air can be up to 1,000 times more polluted than outdoor air according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Though you are likely to not know it, this means that you’re breathing chemicals and allergens that you shouldn’t be breathing. This also suggests you are surrounded by possible carcinogens, and substances that can cause asthma and allergy problems. A problem that affects businesses and homes alike across the world, professional indoor air quality solutions exist to correct the common problem of harsh and dangerous indoor air.

Can You Smell Indoor Air Pollution?

Your nose doesn’t register many contaminants and pollutants of indoor air according to research. In light amounts, so small that you won’t necessarily smell rot or waste, problems like mold and rodent waste in the air can be harmful in worse cases. The amount of time it takes for health effects of indoor pollution exposure to kick in has little conclusive research suggested in the Environmental Protection Agency reports. Even if you aren’t experiencing any symptoms, such as allergies, or noticing foul odors, they strongly recommend you take steps to improve indoor air quality, however.

Dangers of Cooking Without Ventilation

Kitchens are one of the most high-maintenance rooms in your home, as most people can guess. Your life can be made difficult since it is tough to keep it clean, as well as challenges with pests, grease residues, or water damage. It is important to know that the kitchen may be the most polluted room in your home. This due to the kitchen appliances releasing deadly levels of harmful air pollutants, such as nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and more. When you cook, proper ventilation is essential, along with indoor air quality control steps.

Is Radon Under Your Home?

Tasteless and odorless, Radon is a gas and at high levels, can be lethal. In fact, Radon is linked to lung cancer as well. According to the EPA, you may be surprised to know that 1 in 15 US homes contain dangerously high levels of radon.

Health Affects of Long Term Indoor Air Pollution

Temporary illnesses or irritations isn’t the only problem with indoor air. According to a study conducted in 2012, it showed that the population-wide impact of indoor pollution is just has bad as the population-wide impact of car accidents. Exposure to moderately polluted air can cause respiratory or heart disease in addition to cancers.

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