Indoor Air Pollution Health Problems & Importance of Air Quality in Our Home Artificial Environments in Seven Hills, NV

Most of us live in what would be considered an artificial environment. After all we spend most of or time indoors with air conditioning and heating and are not subject to the elements. Generally living in the desert climate of the Las Vegas Valley, we are concerned with heat. Most of us are fortunate to spend the majority of our time in air conditioned environments, though there are those hardy souls that due brave the high mercury in triple digit heat to work out in the elements.

Heating & Cooling for Indoor Comfort

But for most us we have heating and cooling systems that work to keep us comfortable. Over time though these systems need maintenance and cleaning. Your environmental control systems pump air through your home. In the winter it is warm air, and, in the summer, it is cool air. All fluids need some sort of enclosed channel, pipe or duct. Both liquid and gaseous states are fluids, making air a fluid.

Replacing Ductwork in House

Air ducts come in metal or plastic and the metal types are superior for longevity but represent higher upfront cost. The twin problems of heat and oxidation can turn the plastic ducts brittle. Also, they are difficult to clean without tearing them up. The brushes used to clean ducts will rip the plastic types. So after about twenty years or so the ducts need replacement.

Health Problems of Dirty Air Ducts

Dirt, dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses and molds and mildew take up residence in your duct work overtime. The ducts need cleaning as dust mites and other denizens maybe have taken up residence. Allergy sufferers are vexed by many of the particles existing in older duct work. The problem with air ducts and bacteria or viruses is that you may continually cycle these disease-causing organisms through the home.

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Molds and mildew represent another hazard to our health. Cleaning uses brushes to remove dirt and dust deposits allowing them to be vacuumed out from the duct providing a healthier environment. Currently Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning is offering free sanitizing of air ducts during air duct cleaning services to help prevent the reestablishment of infectious organisms. Contact us to schedule air duct cleaning or another related service today!

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