Importance of Seasonal Central Air Conditioner Cleaning Maintenance in Summerlin, NV

The majority of air conditioner problems are derived from the dirt buildup on various components. Having an air conditioner cleaned is essential for the overall performance and efficiency as well as eliminate potential issues from occurring. Homeowners can easily contribute to keeping their air conditioner clean and investing in professional cleaning at least once a year will help significantly. Today we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to share the importance of air conditioning cleaning.

A Dirty Air Conditioner Causes Problems

In order to extract heat from the air in your home and dump it to the air outside, the air conditioner cycles refrigerant between an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The two primary components to make the process a success is evaporator coils and your condenser coils. Heat is transferred from your home’s air to the refrigerant inside the coils and carried outside when the air blows over the evaporated coils, which are apart of the indoor unit. The heat-transfer process is hindered whenever there is buildup of dirt and debris collecting one either set of coils. The dirt buildup makes it harder for the air conditioner’s refrigerant to absorb the heat from your home and releasing it outdoors. In addition to decreasing the efficiency of the cooling effect in your home, the system attempts to compensate for the interference; putting more strain on the system and increasing the energy consumption which reflects in higher utility bills. A dirty air conditioner is prone to airflow issues along with causing issues with the coils that increase the risk of a break down. Keeping the air conditioner clean can eliminate these problems alone and give your air conditioner the cooling efficiency it needs to keep your home comfortable and reduce the odds of running into costly repairs and high energy bills.

Home Air Conditioner Maintenance

There is not much that the homeowner needs to do to contribute to keeping the air conditioner clean. The primary maintenance task is to change the air filter on a regular routine. The air filters are designed to collect the dirt, duster, allergens and airborne contaminants. Not only do the air filters help clean the air you breather, but they will also protect the cooling system from building up with the debris. Replace your air filters once a month to ensure the proper airflow and the debris doesn’t accumulate on your system’s components. For your outdoor maintenance, ensure your air conditioner has three feet of clearance on every side. Never let clutter encroach on your unit. Maintain your landscaping by preventing the vegetation from growing within that three feet of clearance; trim the grass, clip the shrubs and prune the trees to help reduce the dirt and debris from getting too close.

Seasonal Central AC Cleaning

It is recommended that your air conditioner is cleaned by a professional at least once a year, just before spring when you are getting ready to use it consistently is the optimal time, but if you missed that time frame, get it done sooner rather later.

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