How You May Be Increasing Air Pollution & Decreasing Air Quality in Your Downtown Las Vegas, NV Home

There is probably not anyone out there that would tell you their goal is to make their home as dirty as possible. To be able to enjoy your house there has to be some level of cleanliness. Even though you may be trying to do things each and every day that will help your home stay clean you may also be doing things each and every day that are actually making it dirtier. Today Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning wants to talk to you about things that you could be doing on a regular basis that are decreasing your indoor air quality.

What is Indoor Air Quality?

First let’s talk about what indoor air quality is. It is the air quality within buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of those in the building. Indoor air quality is important to worry about so that you can keep your family healthy. When your indoor air quality is low your family, friends, and pets could all get sick. So now that we now what indoor air quality is and why it is important let’s start looking at things that you may be doing on a daily basis that are decreasing your indoor air quality.

Tobacco Smoke Indoor Air Pollution

When you smoke indoors the cigarette smoke lingers in the air. Secondhand smoke is responsible for 3,000 lung cancer deaths each year in nonsmokers. The smoke lingering in the air also affects the smoker. It is best for you and your guests to keep the smoking outside.

Pets & Indoor Air Quality

If you are a pet owner you may be unknowingly decreasing your indoor air quality by not keeping your pets clean. You need to frequently bathe your pets. You will also want to wash their crate, bedding, cage, or whatever else they may live in. If your pets or their belongings are not clean it will increase the pet dander in your home which decreases your indoor air quality.

Candles & Incense Indoor Air Pollution

People across the world like to burn candles and incense in their homes. Candles and incense make your home smell fabulous and can increase your emotional well-being. If you burn them regularly it can exacerbate any respiratory issues or asthma. If you do burn candles or incense you will want to make sure that you open your windows and let the fresh air go through your home as well.

Dirty Flooring & Indoor Air Quality

As you live in your home it is inevitable that your floors will get dirty. Dirty floors are one of the large culprits of things that lower your indoor air quality. Simply cleaning your floors will help increase your indoor air quality.

Not Changing Air Filters in House

Your air filters help keep dirt and pollutants from coming into your home. If your air filters are dirty, they do not perform their function properly. Follow the directives given on your air filters packaging to know how frequently you should change your air filters.

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If you are doing some of the things listed above you are in good company. People across the country unknowingly contribute to their poor indoor air quality. As you shift a few simple habits you will be able to increase the air quality in your home and improve the life of your friends and family. Contact Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning for an air duct cleaning consultation today and learn more about air cleaning products too!

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