How to Tell if Your Air Ducts Are Leaking & Need Sealing in Henderson, NV; Indoor Pollution & More

In forced-air systems, having air duct issues can be very problematic. It is likely costing your Greater Las Vegas, Nevada Valley home more money if you have an air duct leak, no matter how severe. When the ductwork is leaking air, it is the source of issues such as higher energy costs. Today, we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to share a few of the most common warning signs your air ducts are leaking cool or heated air you already paid for before it gets dispersed into your livable space.

Causes of Leaking Air Ducts

A duct network must be a closed system in order to maintain maximum efficiency. From the connection at the equipment to the registers that pass the heating or cooling air into a room, the ducts must be fully sealed. In order for the treated air to move through the ducts and travel to various areas of your home, any leaks will cause the force to dwindle and areas of the home could not receive adequate warm or cool air. There are a few reasons as to why the air ducts are losing air and what it can do, below are a few of the more common reasons.
1) Duct connections can expand and contract with the constant heating and cooling. If the connections are not properly sealed, over time, joints can open resulting in leaks.
2) Where ducts attach to registers and equipment, they can become compromised with the expansion and contraction caused by constant heating and cooling.
3) The conditioned air can spill into wall cavities or under the floor where broken seals at the vents coming in or going out of the home.
4) Another serious issue is air ducts that leak conditioned air into the attic space.
5) As much as 30% of the energy your HVAC equipment produces is lost through those air duct leaks.

Signs of Leaky Air Ducts

Listed below are the most common signs you have a leak in your air ducts.
1) Discomfort. Air that feels stuff or areas not feeling like the rest of the house is an indication that your treated air is being lost before it reaches the rooms. Some may feel the floor plan is not well designed, but the culprit can likely be leaky ducts.
2) Poor Air Quality. Outdoor air can be pulled in by compromised connections. Storing chemicals such as paint thinner, pesticides, or fertilizer in various locations can potentially cause the fumes to interact with the indoor air.
3) Harmful Back-drafting. Indoor air quality is affected by back-drafting as well. Water heaters, clothes dryers, gas furnaces, and other such vented appliances, are designed to vent fumes to the outside. The fumes sent outside your home are not dispersing away, but being drawn back in due to leaky ducts, which then pushes some of the fumes back inside your home. Leaky ducts can be hazardous.
4) Increased Energy Bills. Noticing that the heating and cooling system may not be producing enough but the energy usage seems high, is a big indication of leaky ducts. When ductwork is leaking air, it only adds to an ever-increasing energy bill even though fuel and electrical costs may be high normally.
5) Excessive Dust in the Home. Many areas, such as the Vegas Desert, already experience a lot of dust inside the home. However, when the dust seems higher than normal, collapsed, broken and leaky ductwork can pick up fine particles and distribute the dust into your home.

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