How to Tell if Rats & Mice are in Your Air Ducts & How to Get Rodents Out of Ductwork & Vents in Inspirada, NV

Though many people find mice and even rats adorable, the rodents that are living in the wild should not be a welcome house guest. Rodents present a high risk of spreading a number of diseases. In addition to being a health risk, they destroy structures, utility lines, and possessions. Rodent infestations can present a problem in your air duct and today, we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to elaborate further on rodents in the air ducts.

How to Tell if Mice or Rats are in Your Air Ducts

There are circumstances that lead homeowners to suspect they have rodents in the air ducts. Check the outdoor vent first. To prevent pests from entering, the vent should feature a grate or louvers or another system. If a rodent, or another animal, has died inside your vents, you are likely to notice blowflies. A foul smell emanating from your ducts is another sign you might have an infestation and there are some dead rodents. You may smell a pungent odor even if none of the pests have died and started decomposing, which is the smell of fermenting urine in the ducts. Removing the vent covers and looking inside your ducts is the next step. Though you’re more likely to see evidence of their inhabitation, you may see the rodents themselves. Nests and loose material they can get their paws on. A common material is insulation and their feces, little brown pellets, may also be found.

Get Rodents Out of Ducts & Vents

You must get rid of the rodents, and this step is critical. Spread by physical contact, bites, and their bodily waste, several diseases are associated with rodents as we previously noted. Eliminating them from your home, and especially the air ducts are essential. You can try to get rid of the rodents yourself should you think the infestation is small. Remove all the vent covers after flipping off your HVAC system. Load a trap for each vent and use a DIY snap traps baited with peanut butter, meat, or cheese. Just inside the vent, place the trap and wait. Replace the traps every day as you check daily for rodent carcasses. If the infestation is beyond your skills, contact a professional pest control expert.

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Your air ducts will be contaminated with their remnants, even after the rodents are gone, such as hair, urine, and feces. Because of this, you will want to ensure the air ducts are expertly cleaned. Though there are options available for DIY cleaning, professional cleaning is far more efficient and effective as the pros possess all of the advanced equipment to get the job done effectively. Having different methods at their disposal, professional duct cleaners adhere to a specific set of standards, which offers confidence for the consumers that the ducts are adequately cleaned. There are special designed tools to dislodge debris and with high-powered vacuums, the debris is removed. Additionally, many pros use products that kill remaining contaminants left behind by the rodents. In the event the rodents have done soma damage, experts can offer repair sealings to ensure the ducts will sufficiently carry the air throughout your home. For your air duct cleaning services in the Greater Las Vegas Valley, call in the professionals of Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning and let our qualified technicians assist you!

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