How to Tell if Air Ducts are Leaking in Tuscany Village, NV; Poor Indoor Air Quality & More

Air ducts are the passageways that the conditioned air travels through to bring cool or warm air throughout your home. When the air duct develops a leak, much of the conditioned air escapes through the leaks causing the HVAC system to work harder and longer. This expedites the wearing down process of your HVAC system and causes poor efficiency which results in a higher energy bill. To prevent energy waste and unneeded wear and tear on your HVAC system, Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning will share some of the common signs or symptoms of leaking air ducts.

Proper Air Duct Layout Design

Air ducts are required to be completely sealed. Air ducts are sections of flexible or solid tubing that is held together with air duct boots. Each section is sealed with this air duct boot or connection that holds and seals each piece together. The air duct is designed to be sealed to ensure the maximum efficiency from your HVAC system. When there is a leak, much of the conditioned air leaks out which causes problems with efficiency. It also allows dust and pests into your air ducts which leave behind pollutants and contaminates within your home’s air.

Common Areas for Ductwork Leaks

The most common area for air duct leaks to occur are in these areas.
• The connection or air duct boot that holds each piece of the air duct system together are some of the most common places to develop leaks. Often the seal separates allowing the conditioned air to leak out through the joints.
• Another similar problem is the connection between the air register and the air duct. This is another area prone for air duct leaks.
• Rust can occur inside metal air ducts and eventually erode the metal, causing small holes to develop. When rust holes occur, especially in the attic, it can cause several serious problems. It is essential to replace old air ducts that have been eaten away by rust and erosion.

Signs of Air Duct Leaks

Poor Indoor Comfort – When the air inside your home feels stuffy or humid and has a difficult time cooling down, often this is due to a leak in the air ducts. If your HVAC system doesn’t have any problems, yet your home is constantly uncomfortable, it’s most likely a leaky connection.
Poor Air Quality – As stated before unsealed air ducts allow dirt, pollen and even pests to enter inside the air ducts. The presence of these contaminates often leads to poor indoor air quality. For those who have sensitive immune systems and suffer from allergies, they will be the first to notice poor indoor air quality. You may also notice that your home is constantly dusty. Since the leak can suck in dirt and dust as the HVAC system is running, it will spread dust throughout the home.
Fume Back-drafts – Another similar problem to that of poor indoor air quality is poor back-drafts from appliances such as water heaters, dryers and gas furnaces. These fumes are typically ventilated and sent outside. However, when there are air duct leaks, the suction can pull these fumes back inside and disperse them through the air ducts.
High Energy Bills – As stated earlier, when there are air duct leaks it can cause the HVAC unit to work harder. This will always result in a higher energy bill. Another common sign you have a leak in the air ducts is oddly high energy bills.

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