How to Tell if Air Ducts are Leaking in Eldorado, NV; Poor Indoor Air Quality & More

Leaky air ducts can cause problems that are hard to see. But just because you can’t see a problem, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. The supply ducts in your home move air from your HVAC system to keep you comfortable. When this system has leaks in the connections, all that cooled air is lost in your attic or crawlspace. You might ask yourself, “Does it really matter if the ducts are leaky?” There are actually a few good reasons. When air ducts aren’t sealed correctly it can be bad for your family’s health and comfort. It can also increase your energy bills and cost more in maintenance.

Eliminate Leaky Air Ducts for Comfort

Homes that are insulated well have ductwork that is tightly sealed, and will be comfortable, regardless of what the weather is like outside. If you have parts of your home that are colder than others in the winter, there might be a leak somewhere in the ductwork. Cold air may be escaping through a hole to that part of the house. This may cause some family members to wear sweaters all the time while others are burning up!

Indoor Air Quality

Increased levels of dust floating around and resting on the tops of the tables in our home is an indication that the air ducts in your home might be leaky. When ducts are leaky, they draw dust into them from the attic and under the house. It then gets pumped back into the house and poses health risks to you and your family. When more dust is brought into the house, it can clog air filters more quickly. This causes your HVAC system to work harder as it attempts to push air though the filters. It also increases your energy bills and affects the air quality in your home.

Ban Mold and Mildew

Ducts that leak will also lead to mold and mildew growth that can cause breathing problems and sickness. When the inside of your home is cool, warm air from outside can get in through gaps in the ductwork and around doors and windows. The warm air can condense into water and allow mold to grow in your house.

Repairing Leaky Air Ducts

If you are having any of these issues in your home, you may very well have leaky air ducts. You can seal air ducts with metal tape or mastic sealant, but this can only happen with the ones you can reach. There is lots of ductwork that you can’t get to without the help of professionals. Calling the experts is the best way to effectively seal any leaks that are happening in your home.

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