How to Make Your Air Ducts & Ductwork More Efficient in Anthem, NV; Return Vents, Cleaning & More

Ducts in the typical environmental control system, i.e. heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC), Air Conditioning (AC) and Heating. In the north the principle requirement has been heating. Furnaces are gas or electric, with electric being kind of pricey to operate. Anytime heat is needed as in hot water supply or household heating is required, the direct combustion of the fuel is more efficient than using electricity.

Central Heating & Air Conditioning in the Las Vegas Valley

In our area the heating is of less importance than cooling. Air Conditioning (AC) is cooling, where true HVAC combine heating and cooling via a heat pump. All of these systems, including evaporative cooling (Swamp Coolers) all deliver the treated air to the home via duct work and in all cases except for swamp cooling, recycle the air. Swamp coolers depend on comparative large ducts to accommodate high volume air flow.

Need for Return Air Vents in Bedrooms

AC and heat pumps divide their air systems between delivery (vents) and returns (where the filters are) and recycle the air. Cool air is blown throughout the house and through the return to be recycled. What we may want to consider is increasing the efficiency of our air conditioning by installing return ducts in the bedrooms. Return air flows into the bedrooms. Because of privacy concerns most bedroom doors are closed. To accommodate air flow bedroom doors are cut short, about ad inch or two above the floor to provide returning air flow. Two problems arise. One is noise. Household noises emanates from the room like loud stereos and other noise intrude. Second: hot air rises. So instead of circulating the hot air from the room, this hot air accumulates in the ceiling area while the denser colder air near the bottom of the room flows out under the door for recirculation.

How to Fix Rooms that Are Colder or Hotter than Others

Seems like every house has at least one room (generally any room facing south, southwest or west) that is not as climate controlled as the others, either too hot (mostly) in the summer or too cold in the winter. The answer is to install a return in that or other rooms to locally recirculate the air. Normal air conditioning readings using an infrared thermometer should be 12-15 degrees split between the return and supply registers. Other methods measure the difference between the outside ambient temperature to the inside and should have at least a 20-degree separation. Others just measure the supply register and if the temp is in the 50’s it is performing adequately. Air conditioning and heat pumps (heat pumps are reversible while AC units work in only one direction) need to circulate the air to be efficient. Returns in the bedroom(s) ensure good circulation and tighter doors can be used. In room returns require a register with a filtration element and duct work spliced into a “T” of the return duct.

Air Flow Restriction Impacts HVAC Costs & Life of Unit

Being a bit of a balancing act, air flow restriction can eliminate or affect the efficiency of the system. It may constitute another filter to service but would most likely save money in electrical bills. AC’s and heat pumps are the primary electrical consumption appliances in the home, followed by water heaters and electrical driers.

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To improve heating and cooling and save some on your electrical bills, consider installing returns in various problem rooms. If designing a new house include multiple returns in your budget. Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning offers expert air duct and HVAC system cleaning as well as air duct sealing and other related services to ensure your air ducts are working the way they should. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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