How to Keep Air Ducts Clean Between Professional Duct Cleanings in Summerlin North, NV; Clean Vent Covers & More

Proper air duct maintenance can help to manage dust and dirt, eliminate allergens in the air, and keep your family healthy according to data gathered by the Environmental Protection Agency. With a host of both environmental and health risks, indoor air pollution can be even proven to be fatal in severe cases. Where keeping the air ducts cleaned professionally is essential to manage the indoor air, you will want to ensure to do what you can to minimize the buildup in between professional cleanings. Today, we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to share some tips.

Change Air Filters

The foundation of proper air duct maintenance is ensuring the filters are routinely cleaned. In general, the filters should be changed, or cleaned depending on the type, every month. Your air duct won’t be able to trap dust, allergens, and other dangerous debris without a properly functioning.

Clean Air Vent Covers

You’ll also need to do some air duct maintenance that’s a little more heavy-duty in addition to managing the filters. Periodically, you need to wipe your supply registers clean to help minimize the dust buildup. After lifting your supply register up, simply wrap a paper towel around it. Make certain that the fan is always turned while you’re cleaning. Instead of just getting trapped, keeping your fan on will help to ensure that the dust properly moves through the system. Also, ensure you turn off the “heat/cool” option while you are cleaning as well. At this point, you only need the fan.

Clean Air Supply Registers

You can start tackling your supply registers once you’ve knocked the dust loose. You’re going to need a vacuum for this step. To help you access more areas within your air ducts and supply registers, we recommend using a vacuum with a hose if possible. To avoid any disaster like having the dust accidentally spread around by too high of a speed turn your vacuum on a lower setting at first. You can also clean between the vents of your supply register with your clean toilet brush. Take any paper towels that you’ve used throughout the cleaning process outside as soon as possible.

Blower Compartment Cleaning

When it comes to proper air duct maintenance, another important step is taking proper care of your blower compartment. You will need to turn off your fan and the power. Begin by using a lower speed on your vacuum just to be on the safe side, like the supply registers. The blower compartment is where the majority of the dust and debris in your home likes to hide. Using a toothbrush or a paintbrush, you can also take this opportunity to thoroughly clean your furnace fan as a bonus step.

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