How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Silverado Ranch, NV Home; Fragrance Free Household Cleaners, Plants & More

Right now, the entire world is reeling with the effects of the coronavirus. This airborne virus is making many people think about what is in the air more than ever before. You may be home right now during quarantine thinking about the air inside your house and how you can make it cleaner than it is right now. Today Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning is going to share some tips with you on how you can improve the indoor air quality in our home.

Vacuum to Improve Indoor Air Quality

The first tip that we have to share with you is extremely simple: vacuum your floors and rugs on a regular basis. Your floors accumulate dirt, debris, and allergens every day. All of these things lower your indoor air quality. The dirt, debris, and allergens can be found on carpet, rugs, tile, vinyl, and wood floors. Carpet and rugs tend to be your largest areas of concern though because the fibers in them trap the dirt, debris, and allergens inside of them. When you vacuum you remove some or all of the dirt, debris, and allergens.

Smoking Causes Air Pollution

Millions of Americans smoke cigarettes or participate in vaping. When you smoke or vape inside your home it significantly decreases the indoor air quality inside your home. The smoke and the odors both get into your air and cause the decrease in air quality. Smoking and vaping inside is particularly problematic for anyone that has asthma. If you, your family members, or guests are going to smoke it is best to do so outdoors.

Use Fragrance Free Household Cleaners

Many cleaning products have fragrances in them. These fragrances help prevent your home from smelling like cleaning supplies but they do not help your indoor air quality. They also cause an increase in symptoms for any asthma or allergy sufferers living in your home. Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning recommends that you switch to fragrance free products or natural cleaners. Over the last decade more natural or fragrance-free cleaners are available for purchase.

Do Essential Oils Purify Air?

For thousands of years people have used essential oils for all sorts of different things. Essential oils have medicinal value that you may be aware of, but did you know they can also be used to help improve your indoor air quality? When you diffuse essential oils in your home they can help fight off some of unseen pollutants in the air. This will leave your home with cleaner air and an improved indoor air quality.

Do Plants Clean the Air & Remove Toxins?

The last tip that we want to share today is super simple. Adding plants inside of your home will help improve your indoor quality. Plants act as natural air purifiers. You can find some plants that are easy to maintain so that you are not adding more items on your to do list. You may also enjoy the extra color from the plants!

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In addition to these natural solutions for improving your indoor air quality, Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning can also come out and improve your indoor air quality. Give us a call and we can discuss some of the services that we offer with you and find the one that will work best for your home.

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