How to Get Rid of Tobacco Smoke Smell from Your Sun City Summerlin, NV House; Air Duct Cleaning & More

Whether you moved into a new home where the previous owner smoked in or recently quit smoking and you can recognize the scent it left behind, many people look for answers on how they can eliminate the tobacco smoke odors. Today, we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to discuss options for tobacco smoke odors.

Avoid Air Freshener / Scented Candle Pollutants

These products do not solve the problem since they only mask the odors. Through the filter, ducts, and vents, your home’s HVAC system pulls indoor air pollutants, like cigarette smoke over time, which will cause the odors to spread throughout your home. You may cover the odor in a single space with a one-room air freshener plug-in, pod, or candle. Unfortunately, recycling the cigarette smell continues with your HVAC system. You need to remove the root cause instead of covering the offensive odor. A professional HVAC or air duct system cleaning service is critical in the process.

Schedule a Professional Air Duct Cleaning Service

Time won’t completely eliminate the odor from your new home while some of the smoky smell may fade. Waiting to schedule a professional HVAC system or duct cleaning service will not be beneficial in anyway. The air in a smoker’s home, sticky, brownish buildup may form on hard surfaces as a ventilation system re-circulates. White interior walls will turn to a yellow-ish hue or line ducts and vents. Especially when you use the central air conditioner or heater, the smell is something you’ll notice even though buildup inside the ductwork isn’t visible.

Can I Clean My Ductwork Myself?

DIY cleaning is not recommended since most non-professionals lack the right equipment, expertise, or experience; you may not fully clean the ducts. Throughout your new home, any residue left behind in the ductwork will cause the odd odor to re-circulate. To completely clear the ducts and remove the root of the smelly problem once and for all, a professional duct cleaning contractor should have the ability.

Air Duct Cleaning Products

There are many products that are effective you can invest in and many are installed in the duct work. Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning, for example, provides air duct cleaning, microbiocide treatments along with air cleaning products that help combat odors.

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You will have the clean, fresh-smelling ducts your home needs after you hire a qualified cleaning contractor and schedule the service. This does not mean your ventilation will stay in this pristine condition forever. Your duct will eventually clog the ducts again, even though you may not smoke, pet fur, dust, and other indoor air pollutants. To have your air ducts cleaned in the Las Vegas Valley, call in the professionals of Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning and let us assist you!

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