How to Get Rid of Mice, Rats & Pests in Air Ducts & Vents in Enterprise, NV; Air Duct Sealing

Have you ever wondered how in the world rodents and pests are still making their way into your home when you take every precaution you can to keep them out? In Vegas, pests are a bigger problem because our fair weather allows them to stay active most of the year. Well, pests and rodents may be getting into your home by way of the duct work in your house. One of the solutions, and the most effective one, is air duct sealing. Air Pure Inc LV is here to talk about how sealing your air ducts can help you keep rodents and pest alike out of your home this summer.

How Does Air Duct Sealing Keep Mice, Rodents & Pests Out of Ductwork & Vents?

If you think about it, the ductwork in your home is the perfect place for rodents and pests to set up shop. It is totally protected and hidden from your sight, which makes it the ideal location to build nests and make their way into your home for food and water sources. If they can find any gap or crack in your ductwork, they will jump at the chance to start dwelling there. Using pesticides and other methods to get rid of these problems isn’t always the best idea. Because they have built nests in your ductwork, poison can cause the animals to die in your ductwork and then make your home smell terrible as they decompose. Other methods like traps and pesticides are limited in the potential to completely remove the problem. When you choose duct sealing, it is an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure situation. By sealing your ductwork, you are eliminating the ability for pests and rodents to gain access to the space.

Air Duct Sealing Methods

The first thing that happens when you are having your air ducts sealed is the crack identification process. Your HVAC system will have to be shut down during the inspection process, but a technician will inspect your ductwork for any signs of cracks, gaps or leaks of any kind. Any areas that have cracks or are vulnerable for any reason, will be sealed from the inside to ensure that not only the cold air you have paid to cell is wasted, but any nuisance pests and rodents are kept out of your ducts as well.

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When you choose Air Pure Inc LV for your air duct sealing, you can count on no pests or rodents making their way into your home via the ductwork. Our trained technicians have the training and experience needed to completely seal your air ducts to save you money in energy costs as well. Not only will you save money, but you will find that you have better air circulation, air quality and your HVAC system will run much more efficiently. Let us help protect your home from damaging pests and save you money at the same time. Call us today for more information about our duct sealing services.

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