How to Get Rid of Dust Mites in Air Ducts in Downtown Las Vegas, NV; Air Duct Cleaning for Allergies & More

You will likely see a lot of dust when you spend time inspecting and cleaning dryer vents and air ducts. Since it can be a significant factor in poor indoor air quality in your home, it is significantly talked about in the industry. Comprised of dead skin flakes (human, pests, and animals), fibers, pet dander, and other tiny, unpleasant contaminants is what we come to know as dust and is a rather complicated substance. The dust might not be the worst thing in your house and air ducts, however, because where there is dust, there are dust mites. Dust mites are microscopic critters that often trigger sudden asthma attacks, allergies, or even skin rashes and getting these symptoms indicate they are in your home. Today, we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to discuss dust mites that are in your home.

What are House Dust Mites that Cause Allergies?

As mentioned, adding to the allergens in your home, dust mites are tiny insect-like pests. Within your home, they feed on the various components that make up dust, and they make themselves at home. Dust mites are not harmful on their own. When you unknowingly breathe it in, what they leave behind triggers allergies and asthma after feasting on dust, however.

Do Dust Mites Live in Air Ducts

You probably have dust in there as well in the event you have dust in your air ducts. It pushes the air, along with the contaminants that make it through the filter, through the air ducts and out of your vents when it brings air into the system. Dust mites frequently pass through the HVAC filters along with dust and other allergens since they are so tiny. Your filter will not be able to trap small particles like dust mites unless you use a filter with a MERV rating of at least 11. Dust mites can find their way into your air ducts and contaminate the air in your home even with a high-rated filter.

How to Get Rid of Dust Mites in Air Ducts

Dust mites do not have to stick around where they are not wanted, however. You can take action to rid your home of these tiny creatures before your allergy or asthma systems worsen. Take the steps below to remove the dust mites in your home and improve the indoor air quality.
1) Invest first with a professional air duct cleaning. To clean and sanitize ducts and vents throughout your home, tackle the problem head-on with a service provider that uses a non-toxic approach.
2) Vacuum and clean linens weekly. Dust mites are commonly living in beds. Leaving them for too long gives them an opportunity to spread throughout your home and impact the indoor air quality.
3) In your home, maintain low humidity levels. When humidity is below 45%, dust mites have difficulty surviving.

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To help eliminate a dust mite infestation in your home, a pro-active approach to cleaner air and ducts must be followed. Be sure to schedule your air duct cleaning regularly to control dust mites and improve the indoor air quality of your home. Call us today!

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