How Often to Clean Central Air Conditioner in Las Vegas, NV; AC Maintenance Schedule, Cleaning in Winter & More

Here in Las Vegas, NV we don’t take our air conditioning systems for granted. Each and every one of us know and understand how important it is to have a properly functioning air conditioning system. One of the best ways to ensure your air conditioning system is ready to fire up and keep you cool next summer is to take care of it now. Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning is here to talk about why it is so important that your air conditioning system is cleaned and cared for in the off season.

Cleaning AC Improves Efficiency

Even though dirt and dust are tiny, as it builds up on your unit, it can put undue stress on the entire system. The stress and pressure that is placed on your system can leave it working less efficiently than it is capable of. Having your air conditioning unit cleaning will undoubtedly improve its efficiency and reduce the stress on your air conditioning system.

Lower Electric Bills By Cleaning AC

Everyone here knows how expensive cooling your home in the summer can be. If there is any way to reduce the cost of cooling your house, most homeowners want to do it. Having your air conditioning unit cleaned will do just that. With it working more efficiently, it will not cost you as much to stay comfortable during the summer months.

Air Conditioner Prevents Repairs

Looking for a way to extend the life of your unit? The best way to do it is to keep the unit itself clean. Like mentioned above, there is stress placed on your unit when it is covered in dirt, dust and other debris. When you remove that stress, you will find that your unit lasts much longer, and you can plan on getting more years out of it. Not only can you extend the life of your system either, but you can also expect to have a very limited number of repairs. When your unit is dirty, it is much more prone to ice buildups. This happens when the evaporator coils aren’t able to dissipate heat. Cleaning them will help you avoid this problem and many others.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

The most obvious reason you have an air conditioning system is to keep you cool but is also helps to circulate the air in your house and improve your indoor air quality. If the unit itself isn’t clean, it can’t keep your indoor air clean. A dirty unit is the ideal conditions for mold, mildew and bacteria to grow and flourish.

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The best time to have your air conditioning system cleaned is during the winter. When you wait until the spring season is here, you and everyone else in the Vegas Valley will be looking to have their air conditioning system cleaned. Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning offers air conditioner cleaning that will leave your ac system working better than it has in years. Call us today!

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