How Does Leakage from an Air Duct Affect HVAC System, Air Quality, Comfort & Energy Costs in Henderson, NV?

Air ducts consist of a network of tubing running through the attic space of your home. Their purpose is to disperse either cool or warm air into the various rooms of your home. Unfortunately, if there is a leak present in the duct system, it will create a variety of issues, ranging from discomfort to costly problems you would rather likely want to avoid. Today, we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to share a handful of examples of what your leaky air ducts are causing problems in your home.

Leaky Ductwork Problems

1) Higher energy bills come from leaking air ducts. Your air conditioner or furnace has to cool or heat longer to match your thermostat setting since the cooled or heated air escapes through the leaks in your ducts. Higher utility bills are the result of a longer running time.
2) Leaky air ducts will increase the likelihood of HVAC-related repairs. Even if your system is not that old, an HVAC system that is constantly operating due to air leaks speeds up the number of repairs it needs. Additionally, frequent breakdowns can be attributed to leaks in your air ducts lead to a buildup of debris in your system.
3) Leaking ductwork reduce the air quality in your home. You may notice this if you have ever dusted your home only to turn around to see everything all dusty again. The ducts will suck up dust, dirt and a variety of other nasty contaminants around your attic or crawl space when you turn on a heating and air conditioning system that has leaks or holes in the ductwork. Indoor air quality problems develop as all that dust and debris gets blown out the various vents in your home.
4) Air filters are clogged at a faster rate due to leaking air ducts. You are required to change your filters more often will all that extra debris also quickly clogs your air filter. Since your system has to work harder to push air through your filter, you will have poor air quality and a higher electricity bill if you do not change your air filter when it is filthy.
5) Hot and cold spots can be felt in your home because of leaky air ducts. You may notice different rooms, or areas of the home that have various temperatures, or warm or cool spots. A leaking duct could be the reason it feels that way if there is a hole in your ductwork that leads to that room. Your family’s comfort in certain parts of your home is reduced when the room is not getting all the heated or cooled air from your system.

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Some of your ductwork is in hard-to-reach areas and to ensure they are properly sealed, it is best to hire a professional like Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning. If you are experiencing leaking air ducts in your home in the Greater Las Vegas, NV area, call in our professionals today and let us assist you!

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