How Do You Know if You are Allergic to Dust Mites in Providence, NV? Air Duct Cleaning to Remove Dust & More

The dust mite dangers are heavily underestimated, and they wreak havoc, though dust mites may have been normalized in everyday life. People’s airways and skin is the target. Some experience symptoms serious enough to affect their breathing, but dust mite allergy symptoms may not be hugely debilitating to everyone. Air quality is important, even with mild symptoms. Your everyday focus that is affected by fatigue or any other condition can be reduced by minimizing allergens. Today, we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaningwould like to discuss dust mite allergy symptoms that you should be aware of.

Watery Eyes, Skin Rash, Wheezing & Other Dust Mite Allergy Symptoms

1) Itchy Eyes, Skin, and Nose. From a dust mite allergy, some or all of your face could get inflamed. Particularly around the nose and eyes, this inflammation can make you itchy, however, this condition isn’t limited to the face. The skin on any part of the body can be irritated if the dust mite allergy is serious enough. The majority of people have milder dust mite allergies than that. Constant dust mite exposure is uncomfortable and irritating, no matter your tolerance.
2) Nose & Eyes are Watery. Because of mucus produced from your allergic reaction, your nose may drip. Since your immune system is trying to battle this allergen, your eyes will water. However, your immune system creates antibodies during this battle. Itchy and watery eyes are caused by the histamine triggered by the antibodies.
3) Short Breath. Through a dust mite allergy, many parts of the body can become swollen. Generally, people don’t have an allergy intense enough to constrict their airways. However, intense inflammation, constricting airways, and tightening the throat are experienced by few with severe dust mite allergic reactions. Even a mild additional dust allergy can be very uncomfortable with a chronic respiratory condition. Whether that be because of non-allergic asthma, chronic bronchitis, and so forth, some people already need extra respiratory support. Especially dangerous to people with chronic respiratory conditions are any extra stressors like allergic asthma that inhibit respiration.
4) Wheezing. While they breathe, in some cases, throat tightening can cause the person to make a high-pitched wheezing noise. Smaller airways are created when the throat tightens, and these smaller airways are more difficult for air to travel through. A distinct wheezing noise is produced when the pressure of going up and down the airways.
5) Trouble Sleeping. You will have trouble sleeping if your allergies are uncomfortable enough. Itchiness disrupts the peace of sleep, along with the un-soothing nature of shortness of breath. You are likely to wake up from sleeping for a glass of water or tissues more often than you usually do. A healthy lifestyle includes clean air. To keep your symptoms from worsening to the point of compromised sleep quality, dust should be dealt with by a professional.

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It is a known fact that allergens, in addition to dust mites, are collected in the ducts, which some will constantly be reintroduced into the air circulation. To help combat allergies and to enhance the indoor air quality in the Greater Las Vegas, NV Valley, call in the experts of Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning today!

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