How Do You Clean an Air Conditioner in Summerlin North, NV? Cleaning Inside, Coils, Drain Line & More

An air conditioner system needs to be cleaned out to prevent any potential problems. Cleaning the air conditioner unit can help promote better energy efficiency as well as a healthier HVAC system. An air conditioning cleaning is not an air conditioning tune-up. Instead, it is an added maintenance needed to improve your HVAC system. Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning will share more about air conditioning cleaning and how it promotes a healthier HVAC system and home.

Clean Inside of AC Condenser

Depending on your HVAC system, you may have a single or dual HVAC system. Whether you have a single or a dual HVAC system, all of the unit will need to be cleaned on the inside. The unit(s) need to be opened up and the inside cleaned out. Debris needs to be removed and the dust blown out. When the inside of the unit is being cleaned, it is important that the unit power supply is switched off. When the unit(s) are being cleaned they will be turned off and not operating.

Cleaning Coils in AC Unit

After the inside has been cleaned in the unit(s), the coils will need to be cleaned as well. An HVAC system has two types of coils. There is the evaporator coil and the condenser coil. The condenser coil is on the outside of the outdoor unit. The coils are made of thin fins. Dirt and debris can become stuck in between the thin spaces of the condenser coils. The coils will need to be cleaned out to improve air circulation. The evaporator coils are located inside the indoor unit. The evaporator coils can develop a layer of gunk that restricts air from contacting the coils. The coils help to remove the moisture in the air, which causes the coils to develop condensation. When dirt and other particle get trapped in the condensation on the coil, a layer of muck will occur. The evaporator coils must be cleaned, often with the use a cleaning solvent. A coil cleaning tool helps to remove the muck and clean the coils.

Clean AC Drain Line

After the inside of the unit and the coils are cleaned, the next area that requires attention is the drainage system. The HVAC system collects the condensation and drains it out away from the home. At times the drainage system can develop clogs. With regular air conditioner cleanings, the drainage system will never develop clogs as it is routinely cleaned. Often air pressure is used to clean and clear out clogs in the HVAC’s drainage system.

Cleaning AC Blower & Motor

Next, the blower and the blower motors are cleaned out. The blower is a cylinder shaped fan that can develop a lot of dust. The dust will need to be removed. A vacuum or air blower is used to remove the dust on the fan blades. Lastly, the HVAC system is put back together and the area around the unit(s) are cleaned up. It is important especially for an outdoor ground unit that there is no debris or vegetation around the unit. The unit requires at least two feet of open space to ensure proper air flow.

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