How Do I Prepare My House for Air Duct Cleaning in Summerlin, NV? Create Space Around Air Vents & More

Is it time for your air ducts to be cleaned? If it has been awhile since your last air duct cleaning or this is your first, you may wonder how to prepare for a professional air duct cleaning. There isn’t too much for you to do. However, that are a few steps you can take to help make the air duct cleaning go a bit smoother and faster. Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning will share how you can better prepare for professional air duct cleaning.

Create Space Around Air Vents & Registers

When you are expecting a professional air duct cleaning service, you can help them by clearing away any furniture and other clutter that is near the air vents and registers around the home. When cleaning the air ducts throughout the home, the air duct cleaning crew will clean the vent and register covers and send a long vacuum hose with a rotating brush through each vent. By having the area near the vents and registers in your home cleared, you will make accessing and cleaning them that much easier. One way you can prepare for an air duct cleaning is to have your home’s air vents and registers cleared and ready to be cleaned.

Keep Clearance Around AC Condenser

Often during air duct cleaning the homeowner will have their air conditioner cleaned at the same time. If you plan to have the air conditioner cleaned, you will want to make sure the area around the air conditioner is cleaned up as well. If you have a ground unit, you will want to have any leaves, debris and vegetation cleared away from the unit. Not only does having the unit cleared make it easier for the air conditioner to be cleaned, but it will also improve the cooling efficiency.

Air Duct Cleaning Walk Through

When the air duct cleaning crew arrives, often one of the technicians will be asked to be given a walkthrough of your home and show them where each of the vents and registers are located. They will take notes of where all of the air ducts are located. If the air conditioner is being cleaned out, they will need access to the air conditioner as well as. Make yourself familiar with your air duct system and be ready to show the technician around so that they do not miss any of the air ducts. This will ensure a quality cleaning.

Have a Place for Children & Pets During Air Duct Cleaning

To ensure the safety of your children and pets it is recommended to have them away from the air duct cleaning equipment. Where the equipment is harmless, ladders will be brought in along with some other equipment. The air duct cleaning service can work faster and more efficiently if they are not worried about children or pets. For this reason it is recommended you have the children and pets in a safe place while the air ducts are being cleaned. Before the air duct cleaning service is scheduled to come out to your home, consider what to do with your pets and younger children to ensure their safety.

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