How Do I Know if My Dryer Vent Needs to Be Cleaned in Enterprise, NV? Takes to Long to Dry Clothes & More

Especially if you have a large family, the dryer is one of your home’s most hard-working appliances. It doesn’t get much attention, though the dryer receives a lot of use. Having your dryer vents cleaned is something that many homeowners overlook, unfortunately. There are many elements of your home that is impacted when the dryer vents are compacted. With this in mind, we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to share the top signs your dryer vents need a cleaning.

Dryer Takes Too Long to Dry Clothes

Allowing your clothes to dry, the dryer vent’s job is to force damp air out of touch with your wet garments. Airflow is impeded, and hot wet air is trapped inside the dryer when lint accumulates in the dryer vent. If there is no way for the moisture to leave, the dryer will struggle to complete its work. When they come out, you will notice that your cycles are taking longer and longer to complete or that your items are still moist.

Dryer Gets Extremely Hot

It is a sign that a buildup in the vent is preventing the machine from adequately draining if the dryer and the clothing you take from it after a cycle gets hot to the touch.

Dryer Hood Flap Will Not Open

The hood flap covering the dryer vent should always be open to allow hot air to circulate out of the dryer and prevent the machine from overheating while the dryer is running. It is a clear sign that the vent needs to be cleaned when the dryer is turned on and the hood flap is not open. Posing as a potential fire threat, a closed hood restricts airflow and allows heat to build up inside.

You Forget the Last Time Dryer Vent was Cleaned

To ensure the dryer functions correctly and prevent fires, you need to have your dryer vents cleaned at least once a year. If you can’t recall the last time you cleaned it, it has been much too long. It is better to have a pro clean it since they can have a much more thorough reach, but is you can’t, be sure you set aside some time to do it yourself.

Dryer Smells Like it is Burning

It is never a good sign to notice smoldering odors. You have got a severe problem on your hands if that smell is coming from your, and there could be a fire burning within your dryer vent. Since lint is highly flammable, fires can easily ignite when the dryer vent or exhaust tube becomes too hot. If you smell something burning, turn off your dryer and call your preferred professional for an emergency service visit.

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Lint accumulating in the vents will impact the dryers performance, the home’s energy efficiency, the integrity of your clothes, as well as the indoor quality. In addition to avoiding devastating fires, you want to ensure your home is not negatively impacted. When your dryer vents need a cleaning in the Las Vegas Valley, call Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning today and let our qualified experts assist you!

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