How Do I Know if My Air Ducts are Leaking in Downtown Las Vegas, NV? Vents Blowing Weak or Warm Air & More

We depend on our air ducts to bring the needed cool air throughout our homes. When there is an air duct leak it may result in a warmer home, a higher power bill and an efficient cooling system. It is important to be mindful of air duct leaks and to detect a leak when they occur. Smaller air duct leaks can be hard to detect. Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning will share some of the common signs of air duct leaks and what you need to do to correct this problem.

Leaky Air Ducts Can Make Electric Bill So High

When you have an air duct leak, the cool air meant for the inside of the home will leak out. This will reduce your cooling efficiency which will be most noticeable on your power bill. Since you are losing cool air, the air conditioner will need to work more often to cool the inside of the home. If your air conditioner is well maintained and has no major mechanical problems, then the problem is most likely the air ducts. A higher power bill is never a good thing, and is often a sign there is a problem, so do not ignore a high bill.

Cold Spot on Walls & Ceilings from Leaky Air Ducts

If there is an air duct leak or a hole in the duct, the cold air will flow out of it and make the area feel cold. If the leak is close to the wall or ceiling you can feel a cold spot on the drywall. When inspecting for air duct leaks, some professionals will use thermal imaging to look for these cold spots. This helps to locate a leak. If you feel a cold spot on the wall, this is a sign of an air duct leak.

Air Ducts are Vibrating or Humming

There are connecting sections of the air ducts that can come apart or loosen. When they become loose or split apart, often the air duct will make noises due to the air running through the ductwork. A humming noise is the sound of the air conditioner which is normal but when it is louder it is because the air ducts have split. Air ducts will also rattle and shake because they are loose or apart. These noises make not seem like there is a major problem, however a major leak has occurred and you will want to repair your air duct quickly.

Vent Blowing Warm Air

An air duct leak can either push cool air out of the air duct or it can pull warm air in. You may notice the inside of the home feeling warmer and even feel warm air coming from your air vents. Warm air from the vents can be due to a mechanical problem as well. Either way, when you feel warm air have your HVAC inspected to determine if there is an air duct leak or a mechanical problem needing repair.

AC Air Flow is Weak

When there is a major air duct leak the air will escape out through the leak which will result in weaker air flow coming from the vent. If you place your hand over the air vent only to feel very weak air flow, you either have a problem with the blower or you have an air duct leak.

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Some symptoms of an air duct leak share some signs of a mechanical problem. It is easy to determine an air duct leak when there are multiple symptoms. Air duct leaks will often have more than one symptom. When you have a combination of signs of an air duct leak then you know that is the problem. To repair an air duct leak in your home, contact Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning today.

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