How Can I Test My Air Conditioning Ducts for Leaks in Paradise, NV? Signs of Leaky Ductwork & More

Did you know that 25–40% of the air that circulates inside the duct system of your home is lost due to leaks, holes and poor connections? Leaks in your ductwork are problematic as they can be bad for your health and cost you money. Older homes should have the duct system inspected to see if maintenance is required. If you make sure the air ducts in your home are sealed, you can prevent harmful airborne contaminants from entering the ducts that can cause health problems. You will also ensure you are conserving home heating and cooling costs because you are reducing unnecessary energy loss.

Signs of Leaky Air Ducts

There are things you can look at to determine if your ducts are leaking.
• Kinks or sharp bends in the ductwork
• You have rooms that are difficult to heat or cool
• You have rooms that feel congested or stuffy
• Excessive amounts of dust in your home
• Utility bills that are unreasonably high
You may also have leaks if you have exposed ductwork that is located in the attic, garage, crawlspace or unfinished basement.

Health Issues Associated with Leaky Ducts

Leaky ducts can cause many health issues. These issues will be even worse for asthma and allergy sufferers as breathing becomes more difficult. Breathing can become dangerous when ducts leak and air from the surrounding area is able to enter into ductwork and mix with conditioned air. That means unwanted contaminants are circulated throughout your home that can include:
• Dust and pollen along with airborne particulates
• Moist air that turns into condensation can lead to mold and/or mildew growth
• Household cleaning agents and other harmful substances
• Exhaust from small machines and vehicles

Leaky Air Ducts & Energy Loss

Even a small number of leaks can lead to a significant amount of energy loss. Leaks can cause a loss in conditioned air. When this happens outside air is sucked in to replace it and your HVAC system will need to work harder as it tries to maintain a comfortable room temperature. This will waste energy, increase utility bills and cause unnecessary wear and tear on the system. You may end up spending money to replace it a lot sooner than anticipated.

Fixing Leaky Air Ducts

If you have a feeling that you may have leaks in your ductwork you should have it inspected by a professional. Trying to seal air ducts on your own can lead to more problems if you create pressure imbalances. Professionals will also be able to determine if the design of your ductwork is the problem. This is something you can’t fix yourself because it typically requires specialized modifications.

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