How an AC Overflow Switch Prevents Water Damage & Mold to Improve Air Quality in Lone Mountain Village, NV

Air conditioners were built to remove the heat from the air within an indoor space. Through a process known as phase conversion, the equipment converts liquids (in the air) to gas. The conversion occurs within the air conditioning evaporator coils, the equipment converts liquids (in the air) to gas and is accomplished. The conversion occurs within the air conditioning evaporator coils through refrigerant materials. After the moisture is removed from the air, the water collects as condensation and returns back to a gaseous state. The moisture is left behind in the unit as a result, and this where the overflow switch comes into action. With this in mind, we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to share the benefits of the overflow switch.

AC Safety Switch Basics

To collect and dispose of the moisture buildup a drain pan is available on all air conditioning units. Leading to mold in the event there is too much of an overflow or a drain line backs up is from the water spilling out and collecting, which develops into creating microbial growth. The fix is a safety float switch for an overflow that the drain pan cannot handle. When the collection of moisture begins in the drainage line, the safety switch that is in a small ball valve will float and transmit a signal to the compressor unit to shut down.

Advantages of AC Overflow Switch

You would want to ensure you get a safety switch sooner than later as there are a number of benefits of installing a safety flow switch or a safety float switch in your air conditioner. These benefits include:
– Cost efficient
– Prevent potential water damage
– To a minimal of mold and other microbial growth
– High quality part
– And More

Cost Efficiency of AC Float Switch Installation

With installation being equally low, this product is a low-cost investment. If the air conditioner does not come equipped with it already, the safety switch can be installed by a professional at a reasonable cost. Though you will save on the cost of repairs of the air conditioner unit, and other repairs that might occur from water damage and mold growth that was prevented as this this is the initial cost for parts and installation inexpensive.

Prevent Water Damage & Mold with AC Float Switch

The potential water damage that could result is eliminated from avoiding the flood that can surround the floors and room with the overflow switch. Eliminating excessive condensation, the air conditioner automatically shuts off when the ball reaches the top.
Top-quality parts: When compared to more complicated devices given that the mechanism is a simple switch that is activated by the ball gauge, it is less likely for the parts to fail.
Minimizing the mold and other microbial growth: In addition to preventing water damage, the automatic shut-off of the air conditioner will significantly reduce the risk of mold to grow in overflowed areas around the unit. This also promotes improved air quality.

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In addition, maintaining or even improving the indoor air quality, the benefits and advantages to installing the overflow switch are plentiful and well worth the effort to prevent potential water damage and mold growth. Call Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning today if you are interested in learning more about the overflow switch.

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