Hot Upstairs & Cold Downstairs? Acceptable Temperature Difference Between Rooms in Sunrise Manor, NV

As the temperature gets colder, have you noticed that the temperature in your house is different from room to room? Many people complain that one room of their house is either too hot or too cold at all times. Temperature imbalances can be so annoying for homeowners. They can also be indicators of larger issues lurking beneath the surface. Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning has compiled a list of different reasons that your home is experiencing a temperature imbalance.

Undersized Ductwork for HVAC System

Some homes have ductwork or HVAC system that is not the correct size for their home. If your home does not have the right size ductwork your home will not get the airflow that it needs. When your home is not receiving the correct airflow it can cause long term damage to your system. During the winter this can cause the evaporator coils to freeze up. In the summer your system can overheat and break down earlier than is necessary.
The solution for this problem is to consider purchasing a second unit or replacing the one that you currently have. If you have two units you will be able to control the ventilation in your home. You can also have your ductwork inspected to see if changes to your ductwork system would help fix the problem. Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning can come out at any time to help take a look at your ductwork system.

How to Repair Leaking Air Ducts

If you have leaks in your ductwork you can lose up to 30% of airflow. If you have a small leak it can affect the airflow throughout your home. Larger leaks will cause airflow to some rooms to completely stop. If you have loose joints or leaks in your ductwork you can fix the problem. Air Pure Inc. can come out and fix all of the ductwork in your home. We have all of the right tools to help you fix and seal all leaks.

Effects of Poor Insulation

Temperature imbalance can be caused by poor insulation. If you have an older home this is one thing that you will want to check immediately if you have temperature imbalance in your home. Some newer homes do not have the best of insulation either. Without the proper insulation you will end up using more energy than necessary to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. Extra insulation can be added to your home. This will lessen the chance of leaks and reduce the impact of any environmental factors on the temperature inside your home.

Rising Heat in Two Story & Split Level Homes

Single story homes have an advantage over two-story homes when it comes to temperature imbalances. In a two-story home there is an 8-10 degree difference in temperature between the upstairs and downstairs. Scientists have shown that heat rises. You cannot prevent heat rising and causing this temperature change. You can add a zoning system to your home. Zoning systems allow you to control the temperature of your home through thermostats installed on each floor. These thermostats communicate with dampers that are installed in your ductwork.

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If you think that your ductwork might be the reason for your temperature imbalance give Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning a call today. We would love to come out and see what we can do to help make each and every room in your home more comfortable.

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