Highly Efficient Electrostatic Air Filters in North Las Vegas, NV; Working Principle, Cleaner Air & More

It is difficult to know which filter is best for your system and needs with the many types of filters available for the HVAC system. For people with severe asthma and allergies, the electrostatic air filters are washable furnace filter that is ideal for people. When they get over encumbered with dirt and debris, being washable, these filers are reusable, however, like most things, they eventually wear and tear and will need t be replaced at that time. You take your electrostatic air filter and hose them down, which is about once a month, like you would a conventional air filter. Today, we would like to further discuss Electrostatic Air Filters.

Electrostatic Air Filter Working Principle

Air passes through the multiple layers of vented metal of an electrostatic air filter. The air is allowed to pass through the first layer of filtration since the air molecules are positively charged by the friction between the air and filter. The air molecules attach themselves to the next few layers, as they are now positively charged as they pass through the rest of the filter. Being far more efficient than standard filters and environmentally friendly, these filters are readily available in a variety of sizes.

What Makes Electrostatic Air Filters Highly Efficient?

To protect both the mechanical components of your system in addition to the air quality in your home from the airborne particles, the electrostatic air filters enhance the function of the standard filter. The filters collect the dust along with the airborne particles before the air gets treated by the HVAC system since the air is drawn into the return vents and ducts, the filters collect the dust along with the airborne particles before the air gets treated by the HVAC system. As the dust particles are charged by the action of friction between the air is taken into be treated by the electrostatic air filters the woven polypropylene, or the electrostatic properties. The air continues to clear as the debris is positively charged in order to attach it to the next several layers of the filter. As you traverse the carpet and your socked feet build up a static charge, this is much like the process of the electrical air filter. Before the air is dispersed into your home the filter clears out more of the contaminates to clean the air. With less dust and improved indoor air quality, the results are a cleaner home.

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The results vary depending on the dust levels on the outside of your home and the effect of the air quality. For instance, you let some amount of dirt and debris inside every time you open the door. You are likely to see a significant difference if you live in a dustier environment or even on dirt roads where the dust levels are higher than average. There is a noticeable difference with indoor pets may even notice that the dust and animal dander collected. When leaving the recirculating fan set on auto, your HVAC system runs only when your thermostat setting requires heat or air conditioning. Fan settings should be on so it can continually clean the house for optimal results, however. To help improve the air inside your home, call Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning today to let our specialists get your home outfitted with the electrostatic air filters.

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