Health Risks of Mold in Air Ducts in Green Valley Ranch, NV & How to Remove with Duct Cleaning

The home HVAC system is a modern marvel that makes life in the desert far more pleasant. With our home’s central HVAC system we have the air conditioning, furnace and duct work that provides the pathway to circulate the air throughout the home. There is one major concern however, and that is maintaining clean air ducts. The air duct system is prone to accumulating dust and mold. Mold loves to settle in dark damp places. The air ducts provide the perfect condition for mold to thrive. Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning will share why air ducts can develop mold and the common species of mold that is found living inside air duct systems.

Health Risks of Mold in Air Ducts

There are times when moisture gets trapped inside the air ducts and typically when condensation builds up. Since the air ducts are completely isolated from daylight, mold can easily thrive inside them, especially during the winter. When the furnace produces warm air it creates humid conditions in which mold can thrive. There have been many species of mold found thriving inside the air ducts in homes and commercial buildings. Mold, over long periods of time, can lead to many health problems. Some may seem minor. However, depending on the species of mold it can produce serious medical threats. When mold is discovered inside the air ducts it is important to have them cleaned to prevent further exposure to the mold and the spores they produce.

Types of Mold Found in Air Ducts

Acremonium: Acremonium appears as a white powder like substance. Like most molds, it loves to grow in dark and damp environments. Acremonium takes some time to develop. Nonetheless, it is known to cause pulmonary infections with extended exposure. Acremonium is a very common species of mold found inside air duct systems.
Alternaria: Alternaria is another common species of mold found in our homes. It often appears as a greenish or brownish mold and has velvet-like textures. If the air ducts were exposed to a lot of water, such as a leak from broken plumbing or roof leaks, Alternaria often grows. Alternaria is a problem for those with asthma and can also cause skin irritations.
Aspergillus: One of the more rare types of molds to find in our homes but occasionally has been found living inside air ducts is Aspergillus. Aspergillus can appear in many colors mainly white, but also is seen in yellows and greens. Aspergillus is a major public health hazard, causing severe infection and bleeding in the lungs. Aspergillus can even attack the skin causing skin lesions.
Chaetomium: Chaetomium appears as a brown cotton ball like substance that will change color as it ages. It can be difficult to identify Chaetomium because of the changes it goes through. Chaetomium mostly affects the skin causing external infection and infection underneath finger and toe nails. Though it is not common it still has been found inside air ducts.
Mucor: One of the most common types of mold found inside air duct is Mucor. Mucor easily develops inside air ducts and also been found inside air conditioning units. This mold is hazardous due to the number of health hazards it can pose. Mucor can affect the skin, eye, lungs, and even the brain, leaving major infection throughout the body. Mucor must be treated quickly to prevent major health problems.

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Air duct systems are no stranger to mold. Other common species of mold are Stachybotrys, Trichoderma and Ulocladium which also pose health risks. When mold is found inside your home’s air ducts, have the air ducts professionally treated. If you want your air duct inspected and cleaned, or you need mold treatments, contact Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning and schedule our services today.

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