Emergency Condensate Overflow Drain Alert Float Switch Installation in Spring Valley, NV

Water damage is never a fun situation to be in. It can take weeks or even months before you realize you have a problem, and by them it’s too late. To make a bad situation worse, your homes air conditioning unit has the potential to cause water damage to your home, if it’s not properly maintained or you don’t take extra steps to prevent a problem. All too often something as simple as a clogged condensate line (the pipe that releases excess water from the AC units drain pans) can cause serious water damage or mold, wasting both your time and money. Don’t take the risk, install a float safety switch.

Condensate Overflow Switches

Float switches are used to protect against one of the most destructive things that can happen to your air conditioning system; an overflow. One of the jobs your air conditioner has is to remove heat from the air, another is to condition the air by removing moisture. This is called phase conversion and it uses refrigerant compounds to convert liquid to gas. This happens in the air conditioning evaporator coils. The heat in the air is used up and is therefore cooled. This can only happen when the moisture in the air has been removed through evaporation. The cycle of condensation and evaporation will continue, but there is some condensation left behind that is supposed to be drained away through a drain line. The moisture can collect and create an overflow of dirt and slime that clog the drain lines. Air conditioners with drain pans are designed so that extra moisture will collect in the drain pan before it become an issue. Drain pans are even more important if your air conditioner is in your attic. If an overflow occurs in an attic it can lead to ceiling damage and microbial growth. This can lead to mold issues and create a dangerous situation for the occupants of the home. Yes, drain pans are great but they will only work until it fills up, after that you’ll have liquids spilling over it.

Preventing an Overflow After Air Conditioner Drip Pan is Full

The installation of an AC float switch will prevent an overflow from happening after the drain pan has reached capacity. Air conditioners are designed to help the drainage of moisture to the right place, but blockages happen. Water damage will occur as a result of blocked drain lines and drain pans that reach capacity. A properly installed air conditioner float ensures that a small valve in the switch will float when the moisture starts to accumulate in the drain lines. This will then send a signal to the compressor unit and it will turn off. This will put a stop to the condensation process and will prevent an overflow.

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Are you looking for peace of mind that you’ll prevent water damage to your home? A float switch is a cost-effective way to protect your home from a potentially critical issue. It can save homeowners hundreds if not thousands of dollars in water damage, mold remediation and interior furnishing replacements. Hire the professionals at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning to install an emergency drain pan and AC float switch. You can even have the drain lines flushed to reduce algae and prevent future clogs. Give us a call today!

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