Electrostatic Air Filter Working Principle & Care in North Las Vegas, NV; Cleaning to Improve Indoor Air Quality & More

Electrostatic filters are often confused with washable air filters. However, this is not the case. Electrostatic filters are designed with a particular purpose. Washable or reusable air filters are not the same as electrostatic filters. Electrostatic filters are much more complex in function and design. Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning will share what electrostatic filters are and how they work to keep indoor air cleaner.

How Do Electrostatic Filters Work?

Electrostatic filters are not used inside the home or for the return vent filters. Electrostatic filters are used in the furnace and replaces the pleated filter. The primary purpose of any filter is to capture the dirt that is in the air. Both pleated air filters and electrostatic filters will help to capture particles in the air. Electrostatic filters use static electricity to catch dust, pollen, and other particles inside the home. Electrostatic filters use a number of layers to remove the particles in the air. The first layer where the dirty air enters is called the pre-filter which captures a number of the larger particles in the air. Past the pre-filter is the ionizer layer which emits an ion charge. The ion charge attracts the dirt particles towards the collector. The final layer is the carbon filter which captures any remaining impurities that may be in the air.

Benefits of Electrostatic Filters

Electrostatic filters are an enhanced filtering system that can potentially remove even hazardous contaminants from the air. Electrostatic filters are often used to increase the indoor air quality, reducing asthma attacks and other respiratory illnesses. Electrostatic filters are often used in homes where members of the household have a respiratory illness and chronic conditions. Those who suffer from allergies will often install electrostatic filters to help reduce indoor allergens.

Electrostatic Air Filter Cleaning

Electrostatic filters are permanent air filters that do require cleaning every three months. When cleaning the filter, the filter needs to be removed. At this time, it is best to turn the furnace off. The filters are easily cleaned. Simply use a garden hose to wash off the dust and debris that is on the filter. At times you may need to wash the filters with a liquid dish soap and a sponge. If soap is used be sure to rinse off the filters. It is important that the filters are completely dry before returning the filter and turning on the furnace. The filters will need to be cleaned out regularly to ensure they continue to clean the air in the home.

Can Electrostatic Air Filters Remove Viruses?

Electrostatic filters are a great and simple way to enhance the home’s indoor air quality. Electrostatic filters can remove more contaminants in the home with the use of electricity. The electrical charge draws the particles to the filter. The filter can capture harmful contaminants such as mold particles out of the air. However, there is a common misconception that electrostatic filters can remove viruses such as COVID-19. This is not the case. Nonetheless, you can install a UV purifier in combination with the electrostatic filter. For those who are looking for ways to remove viruses you will want a UV purifier system to help kill microorganisms in the air.

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