Ductwork Noise Reduction in Providence, NV; How to Quiet Noisy Ducts & Vents

When your HVAC system is running do you hear strange noises? Any pops, bangs, booms, rattling, or scratching? What causes these tumultuous noises? How serious are they? What can you do to get them to stop? When it comes to HVAC system repairs many homeowners find themselves not knowing what to do. Air Pure Inc LV is going to walk you through some of the causes and solutions to HVAC system noises today so that we can show you how to take your stress away!

Common Air Duct Noises; Popping, Banging, Rattling & More

In order to cool and heat your home a ductwork system made out of sheet metal runs through your home. These ductwork systems have many different pieces that work together to make the heating and cooling of your home possible. The metal in these systems can be the cause of many noises. Let’s talk about some of the typical noises that you might be hearing.
– Popping/banging: Pressure changes are typically the cause of the popping and banging noises you may be hearing. Hot air expands your ductwork and cold air makes it contract. The expansion and contraction of your ductwork can cause popping and banging noises.
– Booming: Loud booming noises may be coming from some of the connections between parts in your ductwork. The connection of the duct trunk and plenum is a frequent source of booming noises in your ductwork.
– Rattling: Loose metal ducts knocking against each other can result in rattling noises. Duct connections becoming loose and seals beginning to fail frequently occur when houses age.
– Scratching: At times small animals such as mice, rats, raccoons, and squirrels can manage to find a way into your ductwork. Bees and large insects also can be found in ducts. These insects and small animals can create scratching, buzzing, and humming noises if they get into your duct work.

How to Quiet Noisy Ducts & Vents

If your HVAC system begins making these noises there are solutions to fix the problem. Try the solutions below.
– The very first step to take is to replace your air filter. Clogged air filters may cause some of the noises and they will also increase your energy bills.
– Check your ductwork connections and see if they need to be sealed. One of our services here at Air Pure is duct sealing. Schedule an appointment today if your ductwork connections have become loose.
– Clean your air ducts. You never know what may have found its way inside your ductwork! Contact us today at 702-749-5779 to schedule your cleaning.
– The shape, gauge, or size of your ducts may not be correct for your home. Wrapping your ducts, inserting duct liners, placing rubber pads in strategic spots, or possibly replacing your ductwork system are all possible solutions. We can come and inspect your house and see what the best solution for your home is.

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Air Pure Inc LV hopes that we helped you understand your HVAC system noises today and what steps you can take to address them. Being a homeowner can be extremely stressful when appliances aren’t functioning normally. Call us today at Air Pure so that we inspect your ductwork!

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