Dryer Vent Fire Causes & Signs Cleaning is Needed in MacDonald Ranch, NV; Smells Bad when Running & More

Most people cannot remember the last time they had the dryer vents cleaned, if ever. The longer time and use build up, the more your dryer is at risk for igniting a fire. With so many home fires causing property damage, injuries, and even tragic fatalities, dryer vent cleaning is more important than people may think. With this in mind, we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to further discuss dryer vents as a potential fire source and additional pertinent information.

Dryer Vent Fires are a Major Risk to Safety

Because of clothes dryers and poorly cleaned dryer vents, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that over 5,000 house fires per year occur. Lint and other debris can build up in the vent throughout the normal use of your dryer. The airflow to the dryer cannot escape as it was designed to if the vent is not properly cleaned. Ultimately leading to a fire, is the buildup of the gases to in the dryer.

Chances of Dryer Catching Fire

To determine if you are experiencing a potential fire hazard, first try to recollect the last time the dryer vent was efficiently cleaned. Additionally, take the following symptoms below into consideration.
1) Musty Odors. Musty odors on the clothing after a drying cycle signifies an issue. You may have a problem, if the clothing seems unusually hot to the touch after drying.
2) Noticeable Debris Outside the Dryer Vent. Other issues that indicate a problem is when a dryer vent flap that is not opening and debris that is building up on the outside driver vent opening. A potential threat to your family’s wellbeing stems from the vents has not been cleaned in quite some time and running the dryer.
3) Vent Hose that is Accordion-Style. You could also be at a have a higher risk for a fire in the event your dryer has accordion-style vent hose material, instead of duct metal piping. To increase your safety, change out the existing pipe for one made from duct pipe.
4) Inefficiently Operating Dryer. One of the prime issues that indicate the dryer vents need to be cleaned is when the dryer does not completely dry the load on one cycle. Should you have to run more than one cycle to get your load dry, it generally means something is preventing the heat and moisture from exhausting as it should. Take action to have your dryer vents cleaned as soon as possible after immediately checking the vent.

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The answer to the problem is to have a professional inspect your unit if you have these problems and are concerned about your family’s safety. You can remedy them by having your dryer vent cleaned for the majority of the above issues. Also, make to sure to reduce the risk of fires by investing dryer vent cleaning services 1-3 times a year. To schedule your air vent cleaning services in the Greater Las Vegas Valley, call Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning services and let us assist you.

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